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HP LaserJet Pro - Memory is Low message displayed on the control panel

Memory is low issue

A Memory is low. Press <OK> message displays on the control panel of an HP LaserJet Pro printer when trying to copy, fax, or print. This error is not seen when scanning.


The internal printer memory is nearing capacity. The following might be potential reasons:
  • The current print job is very complex (complex graphics, etc.).
  • The current print job might be using downloaded fonts or macros.
  • Printer memory might be maxed by stored fonts, faxes, or macros.
  • The printer firmware is out of date.


To solve this issue and prevent it from recurring, follow these steps:
  1. 1. To clear the error, press OK to allow the printer to finish the job or press Cancel to cancel the job.
    When you press OK, some pages or details might be skipped to allow the printing process to continue. Try printing again later after performing the steps below.
  2. Delete any stored faxes to increase available memory. For instructions, go to HP LaserJet Pro - Delete faxes from memory.
  3. Turn the printer off, and then on to delete any stored fonts or macros and clear the temporary memory.
  4. Try again to copy, fax, or print.
  5. If the issue persists, make sure the printer is running the latest version of firmware available.
    1. Print a Configuration Report from the control panel.
    2. Go to HP Customer Support and search for the printer.
    3. On the product page, click Software, Drivers and Firmware.
    4. Scroll down to and expand the Firmware section.
    5. Click the Details tab and check the firmware Version: date against the version listed on the Configuration Report.
    6. If a newer version of firmware is available, update the firmware. For instructions, go to HP LaserJet Pro - Update the printer firmware.
  6. If the issue persists after updating the firmware, and the printer supports expandable memory, install additional memory using a memory DIMM (Dual In-Line Memory Module).
    Check the printer's User Guide to see if it supports additional memory.
    To order memory for your printer, go to store.hp.com. Click on Ink & toner at the top of the page. Enter your printer name and model number in the search box.
  7. If the issue persists, restore the printer defaults from the control panel. For instructions, go to HP LaserJet Pro - Restore the factory-set defaults.
    This will remove any saved settings from the printer (fax contacts, scan to email settings, custom configurations, etc.).
  8. If you have tried all of these solutions and the issue persists, contact HP support at www.hp.com/go/contactHP, or contact your HP-authorized service or support provider.


To work around this issue, try the following to reduce the complexity of the print job:
  • Break complex print jobs into smaller jobs that contain fewer pages.
  • Changing some software and/or print driver settings might result in a less complex print job.
  • If you are using a PostScript driver, or getting a ‘memory is low’ error when trying to print a PDF, try printing it as an image. If printing PDF files is slow or hangs, go to Print job is slow or hangs in the print queue when printing Adobe PDF files.
  • Use a different print driver. For example, a PostScript print driver will typically result in a more complex print file. Install a PCL6 driver (if it is available for the printer) or use the HP Universal Print Driver (UPD). To find drives for your printer, go to support.hp.com and click on Software and Drivers.






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