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MyHPSupport Business

MyHPSupport Business is a tool for HP business customers to create and track support cases, if they have an issue with a device.

Use MyHPSupport Business to get support as a small business or as a large business or channel partner. Business customers can use the tool as a single place to manage and view contracts, products, account information, and their support cases.

If you are an individual in need of product support, go to Contact HP Customer Support to find solutions or contact HP.

Use the MyHPSupport - Individual User Guide or MyHPSupport - Company User Guide for more information about MyHPSupport features and tasks.

Create a new case through HP Active Care (HP Active Care customers only)

If you have purchased an HP Active Care Care Pack, you can set up an HP Active Care dashboard and create a support case directly from the incident tab.

When you enroll HP Active Care devices, you can install the HP Insights software on each device or deploy the HP Insights software to all fleet HP Active Care devices at once using mass enrollment.

To learn about how to set up an HP Active Care dashboard, see Request an HP Active Care Dashboard.

For further assistance in enrolling HP Active Care devices or in setting up your HP Active Care portal, use MyHPSupport.

Poly business customers and new users to MyHPSupport Business

Poly business customers and new users need to register with the service.

  1. Check your email for the invitation email from

    If you have not received the email, go to Support homepage, Business Support, and then select Register an account. Fill the required information, and then click Register. You will receive an invitation.

  2. Click the sign-up link in the email invitation, and when the login window opens, select Don’t have an account? Sign up to register.

Get started with support cases

You can now create a new case, find an existing case, or manage contracts and warranties.

  1. Go to Business Support.

  2. Select Create a new case, Find an existing case, or Manage contracts and warranties.

Need help with using MyHPSupport Business?

Review the User Guides, FAQs, or contact business support for any assistance.