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HP LaserJet Pro - Install the optional paper feeder

Install the optional paper feeder

This document provides the procedure to install the optional 550-sheet paper feeder for the following printers:
  • HP LaserJet Pro M304
  • HP LaserJet Pro M305
  • HP LaserJet Pro M402
  • HP LaserJet Pro M403
  • HP LaserJet Pro M404
  • HP LaserJet Pro M405
  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M329
  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426
  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M427
  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428
  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M429
Figure : 550-sheet paper feeder
  1. Press the Power button to turn off the printer.
    Figure : Turn off the printer
  2. Disconnect the power cord from the outlet.
    Figure : Disconnect the power cord
  3. Disconnect the USB or network cable.
    Figure : Disconnect the cables
  4. Remove the shipping tape from the 550-sheet paper feeder.
    Figure : Remove the shipping tape
  5. Place the 550-sheet paper feeder on a sturdy surface, and then place the printer on top of the tray. Use the alignment pins on top of the tray to position the printer.
    HP recommends that one person moves the printer.
    Figure : Position the printer on the tray using the alignment pins
  6. Connect the USB or network cable.
    Figure : Connect the cables
  7. Reconnect the power cord to the outlet and then press the Power button to turn on the printer.
    Figure : Connect the power cord and turn on the printer
  8. Open the tray.
    Figure : Open the tray
  9. Adjust the paper guides by squeezing the adjustment latches and sliding the guides to the size of the paper being used.
    Figure : Adjust the guides
  10. Load paper into the tray. Check the paper to verify the guides lightly touch the stack, but do not bend it.
    To prevent jams, do not overfill the tray. Be sure that the top of the stack is below the tray full indicator.
    Figure : Load paper
  11. Close the tray.
    Figure : Close the tray
  12. To configure the accessory in the software print driver, find your operating system in the options below and then follow the steps provided.
    • macOS: The list of installed options should automatically update during the first print job after installing the accessory. If not, perform the following steps:
      1. From the Apple menu, click System Preferences.
      2. Select Print & Scan (or Printers & Scanners).
      3. Select the printer, click Options & Supplies, and then click the Options tab.
      4. Manually configure the accessory.
    • Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, and 7: The print driver should automatically detect the added accessory when a print job is sent to the printer. If the accessory is not detected by the print driver after a print job has been sent, perform the following steps to manually configure the accessory:
      1. Open the Control Panel:
        • In Windows 10, click the search box on the bottom left taskbar and type control panel, and then click Control Panel from the list of results.
        • In Windows 8 and 8.1, scroll to the bottom left corner of the screen, right-click the Windows icon that displays, and then select Control Panel.
        • In Windows 7, click the Start icon, and then click Control Panel.
      2. Under Hardware and Sound, select View devices and printers.
      3. Right-click the name of the printer, and then select Printer Properties.
      4. Click the Device Settings tab.
      5. In the Installable Options section, manually install the accessory by opening the appropriate category and selecting the accessory.
    • Windows XP and Vista:
      1. Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the computer or network.
      2. Open the Windows Start menu, and then click Devices and Printers (or Printers and Faxes for XP).
      3. Right-click the name of the printer, and select Printer Properties (or Properties for XP).
      4. Click the Device Settings tab.
      5. Click the Installable Options section.
      6. In the drop-down menu next to Automatic Configuration, select Update Now.
        If using a USB connection, manually configure the accessory by opening the appropriate category and selecting the accessory.






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