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HP Designjet T920 and T1500 Printer Series - Insert the printhead

Insert the printhead

You cannot insert a new printhead successfully if a connected ink cartridge has not enough ink to complete the printhead replacement process. In this case, you should replace the ink cartridge before inserting the new printhead. You can use the old cartridge later if it still contains some ink.
  1. Insert the new printhead.
    Insert the printhead slowly and vertically, straight down. It may be damaged if you insert it too fast, or at an angle, or if you rotate it as you insert it.
  2. Check that the printhead is correctly aligned with its ink connectors.
  3. Lower the black piece over the printhead.
  4. Close the blue cover and make sure that it is properly closed.
    When the printhead has been inserted correctly and is accepted by the printer, the printer beeps.
    If the printer does not beep when you insert the printhead and the Replace message appears on the front-panel display, the printhead may need to be reinserted.
  5. Close the window.
  6. The front-panel display confirms that the printhead is correctly inserted. The printer starts checking and preparing the printhead. The default routine process takes 10 minutes. If the printer finds problems in preparing the printhead, it takes longer, up to 45 minutes. After the printhead is checked and prepared, the printhead realignment procedure runs automatically if paper is loaded, see Align the printhead.
  7. You are recommended to perform a color calibration after inserting a new printhead. See Color calibration.