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HP LaserJet and Color LaserJet Printers - How to Install a Pre-Configured Driver for 32-Bit (x86) Clients on a 64-Bit (x64) Server


In a mixed environment, it may be necessary to install an additional 32-bit driver for clients on to a 64-bit server. If the 64-bit driver is pre-configured, how can a pre-configured 32-bit additional driver be installed for the same print queue?


Use the Driver Configuration Utility (DCU) to set the desired default settings on the 64-bit driver. Save the preconfiguration as a custom .cf_ file.
Install the pre-configured 64-bit driver on the server, in the same way you would install a traditional driver.
After the 64-bit driver is installed and a print queue is created, right-click the print queue and open Properties. On the Sharing tab, click the option for Additional Driver. For the additional driver, select the 32-bit (x86) driver that corresponds to the 64-bit driver that was installed. The additional driver does not need to be pre-configured.
It must be the same model driver and version.
After the additional driver is installed, connect to the print queue on the server from a 32-bit client. The pre-configured settings from the 64-bit driver will be vended to the 32-bit client.
The alternate driver is there so Microsoft Windows will have a set of 32-bit binaries to vend down to the client. The PrinterDriverData registry key for the client is platform independent, and contains all the preconfiguration settings.