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HP LaserJet, HP PageWide - 49 Error Displays On the Control Panel


A 49.WX.YZ error message displays on the control panel of an HP LaserJet Enterprise or HP PageWide Enterprise printer with HP FutureSmart firmware, where 49 indicates a firmware communication error, and W, X, Y, and Z are variable values.
HP extensively tests printer firmware before release to reduce the occurrence of 49 errors. Typical end users will rarely encounter one.
A 49 error can be intermittent or persistent:
  • Intermittent 49 errors - Occur only part of the time with the printer alternating between functioning correctly for a period of time and then not functioning again. These errors are typically cleared by turning the printer off, and then on.
  • Persistent 49 errors - Occur repeatedly after one or more attempts to solve the issue. These errors will not clear after turning the printer off, and then on.


A 49 error typically occurs when the printer attempts to perform an action that the firmware is not capable of performing or might not be designed to handle, for example:
  • Printing files that include unsupported printer commands
  • Interfacing with a third-party solution that was not designed to work with the printer
  • Timing, network traffic, or concurrent processing of jobs in a specific environment


  1. Turn the printer off, and then on (power cycle).
  2. If the error persists, print an Event Log to verify how often the error occurs.
    A frequency of one-time per week or less is not a cause for alarm and is similar in severity to an infrequent paper jam. The errors will not harm the printer.
  3. If the error occurs more than one time per week, make sure Auto Recovery is enabled using either the control panel or the Embedded Web Server (EWS).
    Normally, the Auto Recovery feature is enabled by default. On the rare occasion when a 49 error does occur, this allows the printer to automatically power cycle and recover from a 49 error without user interaction.
    1. Open the following menus:
      • FutureSmart 3: Administration > Management
      • FutureSmart 4: Settings > General
    2. Select the Auto Recovery option.
    3. Select Enabled and then select Save.
If this solves the error and the error does not reoccur, there is no need to continue troubleshooting.
  • If the error clears and then reoccurs again at a later date, follow the steps below for Intermittent 49 errors.
  • If the error will not clear, follow the steps below for Persistent 49 errors.