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HP LaserJet Enterprise, HP PageWide Enterprise - Wireless printing from a laptop, phone, or tablet

Use this document to learn how to print wirelessly to an HP LaserJet or HP PageWide Enterprise printer.


The solutions provided in this document might also be compatible with other printers such as Deskjet, Inkjet, Officejet, or Photosmart for which additional mobile apps or printing solutions might also be available. For mobile printing information applicable to these models, go to Printers that can use mobile printing solutions.


If the printer supports it, you can print wirelessly with HP mobile printing solutions from a laptop or notebook, phone, or tablet directly to an HP printer.

HP offers several mobile printing solutions to choose from depending on the printing environment – home or business – and the mobile device operating system including the following:

  • Android

  • iOS

  • macOS

  • Windows

Ways to connect wirelessly

There are several ways to connect wirelessly from the mobile device to the printer depending on the printer capability and printer location.

Wireless connectivity


Description (of the connection type)

Wi-Fi icon

Wi-Fi - Use the Wi-Fi capability on the laptop, phone, or tablet to print to a nearby printer connected to the same wireless network.

Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct icon

Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct - Use to connect directly to the nearby printer as you would to a Wi-Fi network.7

Cloud/Internet icon

Cloud / Internet (wireless connection via a different subnet) - Use to print to a printer on a different network or to a printer in a remote location.6

Some sample scenarios include:

  • A nearby printer when the mobile device is only connected using the phone/tablet network

  • A nearby printer when the mobile device is not connected to a local Wi-Fi or Wireless Direct network

  • A remote printer in another location via a cloud connection

  • A nearby or remote printer on a different network (different subnet)

NFC icon

Near Field Communication (NFC) - Connect directly to the printer as you would to a Wi-Fi network using a phone or tablet. Discover and print by bringing the two NFC zones together.

The printer must be NFC-capable and configured to print using NFC, and the NFC feature must be turned ON on the phone or tablet.

Operating systems

Review the mobile printing information for your operating system.


Review the footnotes in the table below.





Requires a free, one-time account registration or ePrint service activation with HP Smart to establish the printer's email address.

Registration is typically prompted when first launching the App.


AirPrint is not supported in macOS versions 10.6 and earlier.

To set up AirPrint in macOS X 10.7 and newer, go to the document below for your printer type:


Use HP ePrint App or HP ePrint Software to print to HP Public Print Locations.

Standard print/copy fees may apply.


Cloud printing requires an Internet or network connection to an HP ePrint-capable and -enabled printer.


Mobile devices require an Internet connection and email capability.

May require a wireless access point.

Separately purchased data plans or usage fees may apply.


Document access to cloud services requires an Internet connection.

Wireless access point may be required.

May require third-party subscription with separately purchased service contract.


The HP Wireless Direct feature enables wireless printing from a mobile device directly to an HP Wireless Direct-enabled printer without a network or Internet connection.

Can be used to print from the following mobile devices:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iTouch using Apple AirPrint or the HP ePrint App

  • PC and Mac mobile devices using HP ePrint software

  • Android mobile devices using the HP ePrint App or HP's built-in print solution for Android (Jelly Bean and newer)


In order to install HP ePrint app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via the computer, the Apple iTunes application must be installed and in use, and the iOS device firmware must be version 4.2 or newer.

To access the latest version of iTunes, visit the download site at


To download the HP ePrint App to the computer, you must manually sync to your phone or tablet.


Included in the firmware of select HP printer models. Might require a firmware update to enable capability to print via the cloud/internet directly from Windows or Macintosh applications.


For cloud/internet printing, this solution requires a free account registration with HP Smart.


Android built-in print devices include Kindle Fire HD/HDX, etc.


The availability and cost of printing varies at each HP ePrint Public Print Location (program availability in US, Canada, and select European countries).

Includes thousands of print/copy/retail stores, hotels, airport lounges, and more, including FedEx Office and UPS Store locations, Walmart stores (photo printing only), Swiss Post stores, many Hilton hotels, airport kiosks and VIP lounges, and other print locations powered by PrinterOn.


Mobile Windows tablets only with wireless and internet capability.

Does not include ARM-based processor tablets running Windows RT.


Not compatible with Windows RT tablets. Use the InOS driver.


HP Built-in Print solution for Android is not available in Android OS 4.3 or earlier except for select devices.


While Wireless Direct connections can be used, Wi-Fi Direct connections are not supported.


For Windows 8 and newer laptops, other driver options such as the HP Universal Print Driver (UPD), Basic/PCL6, and Plug and Play solutions, can be used as mobile alternatives (for select printers). Where available, these can be downloaded at

The Windows Update or InOS driver can also be used in Windows 8 and newer as mobile alternatives for select printers.

For instructions on how to install the InOS, go to HP LaserJet - Install the driver for an HP printer on a network in Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1.