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HP LaserJet Enterprise, HP PageWide Enterprise - Set up the Protect Stored Data feature

Learn how to set up the Protect Stored Data feature using the Embedded Web Server (EWS).

There are several methods to protect data stored on a printer running HP FutureSmart firmware level version 3,4, or 5. All HP Enterprise printers encrypt the stored data and, depending on the mass storage on the printer, offer different ways to protect the data.

Data on the drive should be erased prior to donating, recycling, or transferring ownership of this printer. To ensure that print or scan job images are not retained on the hard drive (until overwritten by another job), select a secure file erase mode in the Managing Temporary Job Files area of the Protect Stored Data page.


If a job is in process at the same time a data erase mode operation is initiated, the job will complete before the data erase operation begins.