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OMEN Performance Control

Change the performance of your OMEN notebook to the mode that works best for the task you are performing. The notebook remains in Default mode until you switch to comfort mode or performance mode.


Performance Control and Fan Control are available only on certain computer models, including OMEN 25L GT11-1xxx Desktop PC, OMEN 25L GT12-1xxx Desktop PC, OMEN 30L GT11-1xxx Desktop PC, OMEN 30L GT12-1xxx Desktop PC, OMEN by HP 15-dg0xxx Laptop PC, OMEN by 15-dh1xxx Laptop PC, OMEN by 15-dc0xxx Laptop PC, OMEN by HP 15-dc1xxx Laptop PC, OMEN by HP 15-dc2xxx Laptop PC, OMEN by HP 15-ekxxx Laptop PC, OMEN by HP 15-enxxx Laptop PC, OMEN by HP 17-cb1xxx Laptop PC, and Victus by HP 16 Laptop PC (16-d0xxx, 16-e0xxx).

On the Performance Control dashboard, CPU temperature, GPU temperature, and CPU utilization are displayed in real-time.

Performance Control screen set on Default

Comfort mode

Comfort mode lowers CPU and GPU temperatures, making it suitable for casual tasks. This mode keeps the computer cooler when convenient.

Comfort mode is only available on certain computer models. Comfort mode is only available by updating to the latest version of OMEN Gaming Hub (version or later) and updating the BIOS to version F.06 (or later).

Performance Control screen set on Comfort

Performance mode

Performance mode optimizes gaming performance by dynamically allocating power between the CPU and GPU. Performance mode is available on certain configurations only.


Performance mode might increase heat and noise levels.

Performance Control screen set on Performance

Auto mode (select models only)

Auto mode allows the computer to choose the optimal fan speed for the selected performance.

Performance Control screen set on Auto

Max Fan mode (select models only)

Max Fan mode enables the maximum cooling solution bypassing the default mode.

Performance Control screen set on Max Fan

Performance Control with Thermal Control

The Performance Control with Thermal Control settings are available on select HP OMEN notebook computers.


Performance Control with Thermal Control is available only on certain models, including OMEN 15-ek1xxx Laptop PC, OMEN 15-en1xxx Laptop PC, OMEN by HP 16-b0xxx Laptop PC, OMEN by HP 16-c0xxx Laptop PC, and OMEN by HP 17-ck0xxx Laptop PC.

Performance Control screen with Thermal Control option
  • Balanced: Suitable for common tasks. Fan speed and power to the computer is balanced depending on the requirements of the activity.

  • Performance: Suitable for gaming and content creation. Power is increased to the CPU and graphics to add maximum performance. Additional fan noise and heat is generated by increased fan speed.

  • Thermal Control:

    • MAX: The fan operates at maximum speed regardless of the load, cooling the system as quick as possible. Additional fan noise and heat is generated.

    • AUTO: The computer adjusts the fan speed depending on the load (amount of work it is performing). This is automatically controlled in the BIOS. This setting is the most efficient option for matching the required fan speed to the load on the system.

    • MANUAL: Setting Thermal Control to MANUAL enables the System Fan Speed slide bar. Move the slide bar to adjust the system fan speed to your preferred fan speed range, reducing or increasing the noise and heat generated. The computer automatically adjusts the power to the CPU and GPU to match your preferred fan speed.

      • If you need higher performance, adjust the slider to the right to increase the fan speed. Increased fan speed generates more noise and heat.

      • If you need a quieter environment, adjust the slider to the left to reduce fan speed. Reduced fan speed lowers the performance of the computer.






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