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HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M652, M653 and HP Color LaserJet Enterprise MFP M681, M682 - Install accessory: 3x550-sheet paper feeder with stand

This document provides the procedures to install the 3x550-sheet paper feeder with stand.
Mean time to repair: 5 minutes
Service level: Basic
When applicable, special installation instructions are provided for an assembly at the end of the removal procedure. Always completely read the removal instructions and follow all special installation instructions.

Before performing service

  • Turn the printer power off.
  • Disconnect the power cable.
    To avoid damage to the printer, turn the printer off, wait 30 seconds, and then remove the power cable before attempting to service the printer.
Use the table below to identify the correct part number for your printer. To order the part, go to www.hp.com/buy/parts
3x550-sheet paper feeder with stand part number
3x550 sheet stand

Required tools

  • No special tools are needed to remove or install this assembly.

After performing service

Turn the printer power on
  • Connect the power cable.
  • Use the power switch to turn the power on.

Post service test

Make sure that the printer initializes to a Ready state.
Print a page from the feeder to make sure that the printer is functioning correctly.
  1. Unpack the accessory.
    1. Remove the new part from its package. Save all packaging for recycling.
      For complete information on HP's recycling programs, go to Product return and recycling.
  2. Install the 3x550-sheet paper feeder with stand.
    Do not extend more than one paper tray at a time. Do not use paper tray as a step. Keep hands out of paper trays when closing. All trays must be closed when moving the printer.
    1. Unplug all of the cables attached to the printer.
      Figure : Unplug all of the cables
    2. Lift the printer and place it on top of the paper feeder.
      Figure : Place the printer on the paper feeder
    3. Open the top paper tray in the paper feeder, and then engage one lock at the front of the tray opening to secure the printer to the paper feeder.
      Figure : Engage one lock
    4. Repeat the following steps for each paper tray:
      1. Remove the paper tray
        Figure : Remove the paper tray
      2. Locate the orange shipping lock inside the paper tray. Twist the lock to release it, and then lift it straight up to remove it. Remove all other packing material inside the tray.
        Figure : Remove the orange shipping lock
      3. Before loading paper, open the paper guides by squeezing the blue adjustment latches and sliding the guides out as far as they will go.
        Figure : Open the paper guides
      4. Load paper into the tray.
        To prevent jams, do not overfill the tray. Be sure that the top of the stack is below the tray full indicator.
        Figure : Load paper into the tray
      5. Adjust the paper guides so that the guides lightly touch the stack, but do not bend it.
        Do not adjust the paper guides tightly against the paper stack. Adjust them to the indentations or markings in the tray.
        Figure : Adjust the paper guides
      6. If necessary, remove the paper tray number indicator on the tray, and then rotate the indicator so that the tray number correctly reflects the printer's tray configuration. Install the indicator in the tray with the correct tray number facing outward.
        Figure : Remove the paper tray number indicator
      7. Install the paper tray.
        Figure : Install the paper tray
    5. In preparation for installing the caster covers, at the front of the paper feeder, position the wheels so they face forward.
      Figure : Position the wheels
    6. Position the caster covers, and then slide them toward the paper feeder to install them.
      Figure : Install the caster covers
    7. Lower the legs on the paper feeder so that they rest securely on the floor.
      Figure : Lower the legs






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