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HP Printers - Set Up an HP Smart Website Account

This document is for HP printers that support web-connected printing services.
If you are unable to register your printer to your account, or you want to set up a new acount with HP, visit the HP Smart web site and register your printer. Registering allows you to access additional web printing services, such as HP ePrint and HP Instant Ink. An HP account is not required to use the basic functions of your printer, such as setting up, scanning, or printing.
The HP Smart website availability depends on your country/region. To see if the website is available for your country/region, go to HP Smart, and then select the country/region and language menu.
If you registered with the HP Smart website during printer setup, your printer might already be added. Go to HP Smart, and then sign in to your account.

Step 1: Get the printer code

Connect your printer to the web, and then get the printer code.

Step 2: Find the printer code on the info page

Find the printer code on the info page you printed in the previous step.
  • If the printer code is one long code without any spaces, it is valid for 48 hours after printing the info page. If the code expires, you must print the info page again to get a new code.
  • If the printer code is four groups of numbers and letters with spaces in-between, the code does not expire. If you print another info page, you get a new code. Printer codes printed previously are no longer valid.
  • If the info page does not list a printer code, the printer might already have been added to an HP Smart account. You can remove the printer from that account, or turn Web Services off then on again on the printer. A new info page prints with a new printer code.

Step 3: Use the printer code to add your printer

Sign in to your HP Smart account or create a new one, and then add your printer using the printer code.
  1. On your computer or mobile device, go to HP Smart.
  2. Click Sign In or Create Account.
  3. On the HP Smart homepage, type the printer code, and then click Add.
    If your printer does not display, click Add a Printer, type the printer code, and then click Add.
    Type the printer code, and then click Add
  4. Type the printer code displayed on the info page, and then click Add.
  5. Under ePrint Settings, click the printer's email address.
    Type a new address, and then click Submit
  6. Type a new printer email address in the text box, and then click Submit.
    • If the address you typed is available: The address updates immediately.
    • If the address you typed is not available: Try a different address, and then click Submit.
    Type a new email address, and then click Submit

Step 4: Complete printer setup

If you were unable to complete printer setup, complete printer setup now using your printer software.
  • HP Smart: Open HP Smart and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.
  • HP EasyStart: Go to 123.hp.com and download your printer software to complete printer setup.

Step 5: Set up web-connected printing services

After you add your printer on HP Smart, you have access to web-connected services, such as HP Instant Ink and HP ePrint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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