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HP Designjet T7100 and T7100 Monochrome Printer Series - Front-panel menus

This appendix lists the options in the front-panel menu system.
Firmware updates may introduce changes to the menu system, in which case this appendix will become out of date in some respects.
To print a more graphical and up-to-date diagram of the front-panel menus, go to the front panel and select the icon, then User information prints > Print menu map.
Key to table notations
[E] available also in the Embedded Web Server
[J] depends on the state of the job queue or of the selected job
[P] available only with the PostScript upgrade

Paper menu

Paper load
Load roll1
Load roll2
Load roll3
Paper unload
Unload roll1
Unload roll2
Unload roll3
Select active roll
Active roll 1
Active roll 2
Active roll 3
View paper source
Change active paper type
(select paper category and type)
Paper types list
(select paper category and type)
View paper details
Move paper
Load roll displays illustrations of the loading process. These options are locked if paper is already loaded.
Unload roll displays illustrations of the unloading process. These options are locked if no paper is loaded.
View paper source shows information about the loaded paper. The information shown is Status, Paper vendor, Paper type, Width, Length, Color calibration.
Change active paper type displays a list of paper types from which you can choose. This option is locked if no paper is loaded.
Paper types list displays a list of installed paper types, grouped by category, each of which you can view or delete. View paper details will display the Paper type, Category, Vendor, Erasable status, Revision, Grammage, Uses Photo/Matte Black and Created from.
Move paper displays an interactive dialogue for moving the paper backwards and forwards. This option is locked if no paper is loaded.

Job management menu

Reprint last job
Pause (or Resume) printing
Job queue
Queue is empty [J]
(select job) [J]
View information
Move to front
Job queue displays the jobs in the job queue. Jobs remain in the queue after being printed.
View information displays the following information about the selected job: Name, Status, Date, Printed copies and Pages.
Continue releases for printing a job that is on hold.
Move to front moves the selected job to the front of the queue, so that it will be printed as soon as the current job finishes.

Ink menu

View ink levels
View printhead status
Replace ink cartridges
Replace printheads
Replace maintenance cartridge
Ink cartridge information
View (color) ink cartridge
Printhead information
View (colors) printhead
Maintenance cartridge information
Clean encoder strip
View ink levels displays the ink levels of all cartridges in the printer. A blinking cartridge in the display indicates warns you that the ink level is low.
View printhead status displays the warranty or health status of all printheads in the printer. If the printhead is still under warranty, the word WARRANTY is shown, otherwise the health status is shown.
View (color) ink cartridge displays the following information about the selected ink cartridge: Color, Product name, Product number, Serial number, Status, Ink level (ml), Capacity (ml), Expiration date, Manufacturer and Warranty status.
View (colors) printhead displays the following information about the selected printhead: Color, Product name, Product number, Serial number, Status, Ink fired (ml) and Warranty status.
Maintenance cartridge information displays the following information about the maintenance cartridge: Status, Level (%) and Product number.

Setup menu

Printing preferences
Select graphics language [E]
Print quality
Select quality level
Enable maximum detail
Enable economode
Color options
Select RGB source profile
Emulate printer
Select CMYK source profile [P]
Select rendering intent [P]
Black point compensation [P]
HP professional PANTONE® emulation [P]
Black options
Paper options
Select paper size
Remove top/bottom blanks
Enable mirror image
Enable crop lines
Roll switching
Roll matching
Enable printing paper info
Roll protection
Select margins layout [E]
HP-GL/2 options
Select palette
Define palette
Enable merge
PS options [P]
Select encoding
High-quality transparencies
Reduce line width
Select altitude
Print retrieval
Select drying time
Job management options
Enable queue [E]
When to start printing [E]
Nest options
Enable nesting [E]
Select wait time
Enable crop lines [E]
Oversize nested job margin
Max. number of printed jobs [E]
Select job recovery mode
Paper mismatch action
Front panel options
Select language
Select display contrast
Enable buzzer
Select units [E]
Date and time options
View current device time [E]
Set date [E]
Set time [E]
Set time zone [E]
Enable sleep mode
Sleep mode wait time
Reset encoder cleaning
Restore factory settings
External hard disk
Install (or Uninstall) external hard disk
Install (or Uninstall) stacker
View stacker information
Select temperature
Cleaning procedure
Other accessories
Install other accessories
Enable crop lines appears in two places in the menu: under Paper options (which applies to individual jobs) and under Nest options (which applies to nested jobs). The default value is Off in both cases.
Select palette allows you to choose between Software, Palette A, Palette B and Factory.
Define palette allows you to define the Palette A, Palette B and Factory palettes. To do so, select one of the pens, between 0 and 15, after which you can change the width or color of the pen. The width can vary from 0.13 mm to 12.0 mm and the color can vary from 0 to 255.
Manual drying time allows you to choose a drying time from 1 to 1800 s. The default value is 100 s.
Enable nesting allows you to choose between Off, In order and Optimized order. In order to enable nesting, When to start printing has to be set to After processing.

Image quality maintenance menu

Optimize print quality
Optimization actions
Calibrate color
Align printheads
Print diagnostic image
Paper advance calibration
Calibrate paper advance
Adjust paper advance
Reset paper advance
Clean printheads
Clean all
Clean (colors)
Enable color calibration

Connectivity menu

Gigabit Ethernet
View information
View configuration
Modify configuration
Restore factory settings
View information
Jetdirect EIO
View information
View configuration
Modify configuration
Restore factory settings
Select I/O timeout
Allow SNMP
Embedded Web Server
Allow EWS
Reset EWS access control
Web Services
Printer Utility software
Color and paper management
Restore factory settings
View information shows whether the interface is installed, whether the IP address is enabled and whether printing is enabled through this interface. It also displays the MAC address.
View configuration shows the following information: Link state, IP address, Configuration mode, Subnet mask, Default gateway, mDNS service name and the MAC address.
Modify configuration allows you to change the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and idle timeout. You can also view the host name string and choose an IP address configuration method from BOOTP, DHCP, Auto IP and Manual.
Printer utility software allows you to enable or disable the use of the HP Utility.

Internal prints menu

Demo prints
Print drawing demo
Print rendering demo
Print GIS map
User information prints
Print menu map
Print configuration
Print usage report
Print HP-GL/2 palette
Print PS font list [P]
Service information prints
Print current information
Print usage information
Print event logs
Print calibration status
Print connectivity configuration
Print all pages

Information menu

View printer information
Product certifications
Printer logs
System errors
System warnings
Ink cartridges
View printer information displays general printer information including Product name, Product number, Serial number, Service ID, Language, Memory, Disk capacity and Firmware version.