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HP Inkjet Supplies - Aging Ink Supplies Stop Working to Protect the Ink System

Some of HP’s inkjet systems are sensitive to air ingestion and water evaporation, which can cause ink to change over time, adversely impacting the printhead and the ink delivery components within the printer. To protect the printing system and ensure print quality, certain HP printers are designed to stop ink cartridges from working when they reach a built-in date, calculated from when each ink cartridge is installed. Some of these systems allow users to override the stoppage and continue printing at their own risk.
The table below provides additional information on printers that stop printing when an aging ink supply reaches the built-in date, whether or not the user can override to continue printing with the aged ink supply, and how to determine the built-in date for those cartridges with no override. Only printers listed in this table are programmed to stop due to aging ink supplies.
Printer stops, but you can override*
Printer stops, no override*
HP Officejet Pro 8000, 8500, K550, K5300, K5400, K8600, L7400, L7500, L7600, and L7700 Series
HP Photosmart 3110, 3210, 3310, 8250, C5180, C6180, C6200, C7180, C7200, C8100, D6160, D7160, D7200, D7360, and D7400 series, HP Photosmart Pro B8800, B9180
HP Latex 300, 500 and 3000 series
HP Latex 1500
HP Designjet 510, 4000, 4500, 4X20, 5100, 5500, 8000, 9000, 10000, L25500, L26500, L28500, L65500, LX600, LX610, LX800, LX820, LX850, T610, T620, T770, T790, T1100, T1120, T1200, T1300, T1700 series, T2300 eMFP, T7100, Z2100, Z3100, Z3200, Z5200ps, Z5400, Z6 series, Z9+ series, Z6100, Z6200 series, HP CM8050 and CM8060
HP PageWide XL 4000, 4500, 5000, 6000, and 8000 series
HP Officejet Pro K850
HP Digital Copier Printer 610
HP Business Inkjet - all
HP Officejet D series, HP Officejet 7100 series, HP Officejet 9100 series
HP Professional series (2000 and 2500)
HP Color Inkjet cp1160 and cp1700
When will my ink cartridges stop working?
Able to continue after override.
Color Inkjet cp1160 series, Officejet d125xi, d135, d145, d155xi, 7110, 7130, 7140xi, HP Fax 610: 12 months after the “Warranty Ends” date, or 18 months after the ink cartridge is installed, whichever comes first.
All other printers: 24 months after the “Warranty Ends” date, or 30 months after the ink cartridge is installed, whichever comes first.
*Override: You can continue printing without replacing the ink cartridge by following instructions on the printer, in the user manual, or in the ink cartridge status message on the computer screen.