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HP Postscript Compatible DesignJet Printers - Printing Issues with CorelDRAW when Using HP PostScript Printer Drivers


Issues are experienced when trying to print from within CorelDRAW.


Workaround One
Try adding the PostScript printer description (PPD) file, which provides CorelDRAW with a clear understanding of what the printer is capable of doing.
What are PPD files? PPD files describe the fonts, paper sizes, resolution capabilities, and other features that are standard for your PostScript printer. PPD files are used by PostScript printer drivers to determine how to print your document. If you do not print using the correct PPD file, your document might not print correctly, or not all of the printer's features will be available when the user prints. It is possible that nothing at all will print and system errors or user messages, related to file format or graphics language, will be displayed by the printer.
To set a PPD file within CorelDRAW use the following steps:
  1. Click File, and then click Print. In the Printer Driver dialog box (see the illustration that follows), place a checkmark in the Use PPD box. The Browse tab is highlighted; click Browse. Then browse to where the PPD file resides on your Designjet Printer. In Microsoft Windows Operating systems, after a printer driver has been installed, PPD files typically reside at: C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3.
  2. Click OK, and exit the Print dialog box. Now re-try the print the job to see if the PPD is working.
    The PPD file will remain set and available for future re-use.
Workaround Two
Try rasterizing the entire page. Because of the number of settings that can be added in a print driver, using the Rasterize Entire Page feature in CorelDRAW can help resolve many issues relating to these settings. Try the following steps to resolve this issue:
  1. Click File, and then click Print in the Printer Driver dialog box (see the illustration that follows). Then click the Misc tab and place a checkmark in the Rasterize Entire Page box, and then set the Output Resolution, which is the number of dots per inch (dpi) that an output device produces (a good number to work with for a high-quality image is 300 dpi). Adjust any settings that you need to adjust for your output, such as paper size, under the General tab.
  2. Click Print now.