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HP printers - Printing with a USB OTG cable (Android)

Check the requirements

Before you print with a USB OTG cable, make sure the printer and your Android device meet the following requirements:

  • The printer is set up and working properly and supports OTG.

  • An Android device that supports OTG printing and has Android 4.0 or later installed.

  • The HP Print Service Plugin is installed on your Android device. If it is not installed, go to HP Print Service Plugin (in English), and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the plugin.

  • A printer USB cable and a USB OTG cable.

    USB cable

    Printer USB cable

    USB OTG cable

    USB OTG cable

    A USB OTG cable includes a USB port on one end and a micro-USB connector on the other end.

Connect the USB OTG cable to your printer and Android device

Connect the OTG cable to your printer and Android device.

  1. Turn on the printer.

  2. Connect one end of a USB cable to the USB port on the rear of the printer and the other end of the USB cable into the USB port on the OTG cable.

  3. Plug the micro-USB connector of the OTG cable into the micro-USB port on your Android device.

    Plugging a micro-USB connector into the micro-USB port on an Android device

    An HP Print Service Plugin window displays on the Android device.

  4. Tap OK to activate the HP Print Service Plugin.

    Tapping OK

Your Android device is now ready to print using the USB OTG connection.

Print from your Android device

Print photos, documents, emails, or webpages from your Android device using the USB OTG cable connection.


Menus, icons, and the location of the print settings might vary depending on Android version and device manufacturer.

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