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HP PCs - User Account Control (Windows 11, 10)

User Account Control informs you when a software program is trying to make changes to your computer that require administrator-level permission. User Account Control helps protect your computer from being changed by unauthorized sources.

User Account Control displays differently for Standard user accounts and Administrator accounts.

  • Standard user accounts: If you are logged into a Standard account, and User Account Control prompts you for a password, type the Administrator password, and click Yes to continue. If you do not know the Administrator password, you cannot continue.

  • Administrator user accounts: If you are logged into an Administrator account, User Account Control asks permission for a program to make changes to the computer. By default, User Account Control displays for Administrators only when an outside program tries to make changes to the computer. Click Yes or No to prevent the program from making changes to your computer.

User Account Control screen

User Account Control message icons

Refer to this table for an explanation of each User Account Control icon.

User Account Control icons




A setting or feature that is part of Windows needs your permission to start.

This item has a valid digital signature that verifies that Microsoft is the publisher of this item. If you get this type of dialog box, it is usually safe to continue. If you are unsure, check the name of the program or function to decide if it is something you want to run.

A program that is not part of Windows needs your permission to start.

This program has a valid digital signature, which helps to confirm that the program is what it claims to be and verifies the identity of the publisher of the program. If you get this type of dialog box, make sure the program is the one that you want to run and that you trust the publisher.

A program with an unknown publisher needs your permission to start.

This program does not have a valid digital signature from its publisher. This does not necessarily indicate danger, as many older, legitimate programs lack signatures. Some malware and viruses might display this message during installation. You should use extra caution and only allow a program to run if you obtained it from a trusted source, such as the original CD or a publisher website.

  • If you obtained this software from HP, go to the HP software and driver page for your model to download the latest version.

  • Before installing, update your antivirus definitions and run a scan to detect any malicious files contained in the program.

  • If you are still unsure, do not install the program.

You have been blocked by your system administrator from running this program.

This program has been blocked because it is known to be untrusted. To run this program, you need to contact your system administrator.

User Account Control (UAC) window shows Publisher Unknown for HP software or driver

Most software available from the HP website or installation discs have been signed with a valid digital signature. Some software might prompt the UAC window to display the publisher as Unknown.

If the User Account Control message indicates that software obtained from HP has an unknown publisher, go to the HP software and driver page for your model to download the latest version.

Changing or disabling User Account Control

Disable the User Account Control message or adjust notification settings using the following steps.

  1. Click Start, and then search for and open Change User Account Control settings.

  2. Move the slider up and down to adjust the User Account Control settings.

    User Account Control Settings window with slider
  3. To turn off User Account Control, move the slider to the bottom on the Never notify setting.

  4. Click OK.

    User Account Control now notifies you about changes to your computer according to your personalized notification setting.






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