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HP LaserJet M207-M212 printers - Control panel features

The control panel includes buttons to select print options and a display to view notifications.

Control panel features

From the control panel, you can cancel or resume print jobs, verify wireless connectivity, and view notifications from your printer.

Example of the control panel buttons, icons, and lights




Control panel display:

  • Paper icon: Is on when there is a paper error and blinks when the input tray is out of paper.

  • Attention icon (USB models only): Blinks when the printer requires user attention.

  • Wireless icon (Wireless models only): Is on when the printer is connected to a wireless connection and blinks when the printer is in wireless connection setup mode or WPS configuration is in progress, or the printer is not connected to network.

  • Cartridge icon: Is on when the cartridge is low and blinks when the cartridge is very low on toner.


Resume button: Lights when the printer is in an error or prompt state. Press the button to resume the print job.


Cancel button: Cancels a print job.


Power button: Turns the printer on or off.


Status light (USB models only): Is on when the printer is ready to print, blinks when the printer is starting up, receiving print data, or canceling a job, and dims when the printer is in Sleep Mode (a low-power state).


Wireless button (Wireless models only): Turns the wireless capability on or off. Press and hold the Wireless button to set up a wireless connection using WPS.


Information button/light (Wireless models only): Prints an information page that contains the summary of printer settings and status. If the Information button blinks during wireless setup, press the button to complete authorization.