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HP Chromebook 11 G1 Notebooks - Using the HP x360 11 EMR Pen

Use the HP x360 11 EMR Pen with your compatible Chromebook laptop, and then use the pen to write, draw, or navigate the operating system and programs.

Use the pen

Use the pen to select items, right-click, hide or display the taskbar, or erase items.

  1. Press the tip of the pen against the touchscreen.

    The touchscreen automatically detects the pen, turns off finger-touch functionality, and provides cues on where to place the pen.

  2. Choose how you want to use the pen.

    • Select a single item: Tap the pen once on the screen to left-click an item.

    • Select multiple items: Press and hold the pen against the first item you want to select. Then, while still holding the item, press the Shift key, and then select the last item. The Shift key function selects all the items between and including the first and the last item.

    • Right-click: Tap and gently press the tip on the screen to right-click an item.

    • Hide or display the shelf or the taskbar: Place the tip of the pen on the bottom of the touchscreen and swipe upwards.

    • Erase: Press and hold the eraser against the screen on the item you want to erase. Or, use the Erase tool in the Stylus tools utility to erase notes or drawings.

Use the Stylus tool

With the Stylus tool utility, you can use the pen to take notes and screenshots, draw, or act as a laser pointer or a magnifying glass.

  1. Tap the Stylus tool icon to access different tools.

  2. Choose a tool depending on what you want to do with the pen.

    • Take notes: Tap the New Note icon , and then use the pen to take notes in the displayed window.

    • Draw or sketch: Tap the New Note icon , and then select your drawing options.

    • Take screenshots: Tap the Capture screen icon to take a screenshot of the entire screen. or Tap the Capture region icon to take a screenshot of a selected portion of the screen.

    • Hide or display the shelf or the taskbar: Place the tip of the pen on the bottom of the touchscreen and swipe upwards.

    • Use as laser pointer: Tap the Laser pointer icon , and then tap the screen to active. To turn off the laser pointer, tap the icon.

    • Use as magnifying glass: Tap the Magnifying glass icon , and then tap the screen to active. To turn off the magnifying glass, tap the icon.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Why does my pen not work?

The pen might not work for different reasons such as a drained battery, loose or broken pen tip, or a touchscreen that is not configured for pen input.

  1. Replace the AAAA battery, if necessary. Make sure to insert the positive end of the battery facing the pen tip.

  2. Inspect the pen tip, confirming the tip is not broken, damaged, or loose in the tip cavity. Replace the tip if broken or damaged.

  3. Make sure your touchscreen is configured to accept pen input.

    • Chromebooks: Confirm the notebook has a digitizer. Find the service tag, and then make sure the service tag lists EMR Active Pen Support.

    • Windows 10: Search for and open Control panel. In the search field, type Pen, and then select Pen and Touch from the list of results. Confirm the settings are correct for pen input.

      Example of appropriate pen options for the touchscreen

How do I replace the pen tip?

Replace the tip of the pen if it becomes damaged or broken.


Your pen might look different from the one pictured in the steps, but the steps are the same.

  1. Make sure you have tweezers and a replacement tip.

    HP recommends using circular tweezers to remove the tip.

    Replacement tips and circular tweezers
  2. Position the tweezers around the tip, and then gently pull the tip from the pen.

    Removing the tip from the tip cavity of the pen
  3. Insert a replacement tip in the tip cavity, and then gently push the tip until it clicks into place.

    Inserting the replacement tip into the tip cavity of the pen

How do I change the line width of the pen?

The pen is pressure-sensitive. To increase the thickness of the line width, apply more pressure on the tip while using the pen. Apply less pressure to produce a thinner line.

Why are the pen markings inaccurate or not displaying?

Depending on your pen, the tip of the pen might be worn or damaged or the battery might be losing power. Replace the pen tip or battery.

Why does the touchscreen not respond to touch when using the pen?

The touchscreen does not respond to simultaneous touch and pen input. After using the pen, you can resume using touch.






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