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HP OfficeJet Pro 7720 printers - Replacement printer instructions (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Before you send a printer to HP for replacement, prepare it for shipping and save important parts and accessories to use with the replacement printer.

Remove the ink cartridges and printhead

Take the printhead out with the cartridges installed before you return the printer to HP.

  1. Turn on the printer.

  2. Open the ink cartridge access door.

    Opening the ink cartridge access door
  3. Wait until the carriage moves to the center and is idle and silent before you continue.

  4. Lift the latch handle on the carriage.

    Lifting the latch handle on the carriage
  5. Grasp the sides of the printhead, and then lift and pull it toward you to remove it.


    Do not remove the ink cartridges from the printhead. You can remove the printhead with all of the cartridges installed.

    Removing the printhead
  6. Recycle the printhead assembly and cartridges.


    Do not use the old cartridges or printhead in your replacement printer. The replacement printer ships with an installed printhead and new Setup ink cartridges.

  7. Turn off the printer.

  8. Disconnect the power cord from the printer and the power source.

  9. Disconnect any cables connected to the printer.

Set aside the parts needed for the replacement printer

Save the following parts from your current printer that will be used with the replacement printer.

  • Power cord

    Printer power cord
  • Phone cord

    Phone cord that shipped with the original printer
  • Ethernet cable

    Ethernet cable that shipped with the original printer
  • USB cable

    USB cable that shipped with the original printer
  • Printer manuals

    Printer manuals
  • Printer software CD

    Printer software CD

Set up the replacement printer

Make sure your replacement printer works properly before returning your previous printer to HP.

  1. Unpack the replacement printer from the box, connect the power cable, set your preferences, and then load plain paper in the main input tray.

  2. Install the Setup ink cartridges that came with the printer.

  3. Go to to install the recommended printer software or app to complete the setup and connect to your computer or mobile device.

  4. Test all printer functions to make sure the printer is working properly.

  5. Return your original printer to HP using the instructions that came with the replacement printer.