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HP inkjet printers - Print with one or more empty ink cartridges

Review guidelines on if you can continue printing when one or more colors run out of ink, but ink is available in other cartridges.


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Printing when a black or color cartridge is empty

Certain printers can print with an empty cartridge, while others require that all cartridges have some ink. Identify your cartridge type for details.

Inkjet cartridge types

178, 364, 564, 655, 862, 902-920, 934, 935 cartridges:

You can continue to print with one or more empty cartridges, but HP recommends replacing them as soon as possible to avoid printhead damage.

932, 933, 950, 951-959, 962-969 cartridges:

Ink is required in all cartridges to print and to perform periodic servicing to prevent clogs and other print quality issues. There is no way to bypass this feature.

If one of the following messages displays, replace the indicated cartridge to continue printing.

  • The cartridges above must be replaced to resume printing

  • Cartridges Depleted

  • Depleted cartridges must be replaced to resume printing

21, 22, 27, 28, 56-67, 61/301, 63/302, 64/303, 65/304, 74, 75, 92-98, 304, 305, 901 cartridges:

Printers that use two cartridges (one black, one tri-color) can print if one cartridge is empty.

To continue printing, remove the empty cartridge from the printer. If a Single-cartridge mode message displays, select OK.

If you are using the black cartridge, prints are in black and white (grayscale). If using the color cartridge, colors print normally but black prints lighter than usual. You can continue to print until print quality becomes unacceptable.