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HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition, HP Slate 7 Extreme Tablets - Drawing and Writing with the DirectStylus Pen (Android KitKat, Jelly Bean)

This document applies to HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition and HP Slate 7 Extreme tablets with Android 4.4/KitKat or Android 4.2/Jelly Bean operating system.
HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition and HP Slate 7 Extreme tablets feature a DirectStylus pen that allows you to draw, write, and erase words and images on the tablet touchscreen. The stylus can also be used instead of your finger for regular touch input.
Use this document to learn more about operating your tablet with the DirectStylus.

Removing the stylus from the stylus bay

The stylus is stored in the stylus bay, on the side of the tablet. Slide the stylus out of the stylus bay. See Choose what happens when the stylus is removed for information and options about how the tablet responds to the stylus being removed.
Figure : Stylus sliding out of the stylus bay
Stylus sliding out of the stylus bay

Writing, drawing, and erasing with the stylus

You can use the stylus to operate the touchscreen for everyday tablet tasks, such as navigating apps and typing on the on-screen keyboard. The stylus can also be used to hand-write words, draw, and erase.
    Figure : DirectStylus
  1. Eraser/thick pen
  2. Fine-tip pen
Both the thick eraser end and the fine-tip pen end of the stylus can be used for tablet input. In some apps, you can draw lines of different width by varying the amount of pressure applied to the stylus.
To erase markings, place the flat side of the eraser on the screen. When a circular cursor displays, slide the eraser over the markings you want to remove. In some apps, you may need to enable the eraser function (in the app settings menu, if available) to begin using the eraser.

Using stylus-only mode

Stylus-only mode prevents unintentional input from your hand and fingers while the stylus is in use. By enabling stylus-only mode, the touchscreen does not register touch from your hand or fingers, and only responds to touch from the stylus. The option to enable stylus-only mode is available only when the stylus is removed from the stylus bay.
With stylus-only mode enabled, the bottom row of buttons () is the only part of the screen that responds to finger touch input.
  • When stylus-only mode is enabled, the hand lock icon turns blue (), and a pop-up message is briefly displayed on the screen: System stylus only mode enabled. To allow normal system touch inputs, tap on the touch enable button again.
  • When stylus-only mode is disabled, the hand lock icon turns white (), and the touchscreen responds to touch from either the stylus or your fingers.

Using the stylus to capture an image on the screen, and write or draw on any screen

When the stylus is removed from the stylus bay, the screen capture and annotation tool icon () displays in the bottom right corner of the screen. Touch the icon to enable the tool. When enabled, the icon turns blue , the screen is shaded, and a toolbar displays across the top of the screen:
    Figure : Screen capture and annotation toolbar
    Screen capture and annotation toolbar
  1. Save selection
  2. Close toolbar
  3. Select entire screen
  4. Select rectangular crop of screen
  5. Select area of screen using free selection tool
  6. Annotation pen and color selection
  7. Share
Use the toolbar for the following tasks:
  • Save: To save the current selection, touch the save icon. Images are saved to the Screenshot folder.
    Part or all of the screen must be selected using one of the selection tools.
  • Close: To close the toolbar, touch the close icon.
  • Select the entire screen: To select the entire tablet screen, touch the screen selection icon.
    Figure : Screen selection tool
    Screen selection tool
  • Select a rectangular section of the screen: To select a rectangular section of the screen, touch the rectangular selection icon, and then touch and drag your finger or stylus across the screen on the area you want to select. A rectangle with a white, dotted outline displays on the screen. To increase or decrease the selection size, touch and drag the white circles on the edges of the rectangle. To move the selection to a different area of the screen, touch and drag inside the rectangle.
    Figure : Rectangular selection tool
    Rectangular selection tool
  • Select part of the screen using the free selection tool: To select a section of the screen outlined with a freehand shape, touch the free selection tool icon, and then draw the shape on the screen. Make sure that the end point of the line you draw connects to the beginning point, so that the selection is a closed shape. To move the selection to a different area of the screen, touch and drag inside the shape.
    Figure : Free selection tool
    Free selection tool
  • Draw or write on any screen: Using the annotation pen tool , you can add notes or drawings on top of any screen.
    Figure : Annotation pen tool
    Annotation pen tool
    To change the pen color, touch the bottom right corner of the pen tool icon to open the color selection drop-down, and then touch the color you want to use.
    Figure : Annotation pen color
    Annotation pen color
  • Share the current selection with an app: With an area of the screen selected using any of the selection tools, touch the share icon. Touch the app you want to share the selection with. The app opens. Some apps require further action to import the selection; if necessary, follow the on-screen instructions to share the selection with the app.
    Figure : Share menu
    Share menu
  • Clear the current selection and/or annotation: To clear any selection or annotation from the screen without closing the toolbar, rotate the tablet 90 degrees.

Changing the stylus settings

Change how the stylus interacts with the tablet using the DirectStylus settings menu. In the All apps list, touch the Settings icon, and then touch DirectStylus.
Figure : DirectStylus
Use the following sections to learn more about DirectStylus settings:

Choose what happens when the stylus is removed

When the stylus is removed from the tablet, the default action for the tablet is to open the DirectStylus Launcher, which offers a list of apps specially designed to be used with a stylus. Use the steps in this section to change what happens when the stylus is removed, or add more apps to the DirectStylus Launcher.
  1. In the DirectStylus settings menu, touch Default action when DirectStylus removed.
    Figure : Default action when DirectStylus removed
    Default action when DirectStylus removed
  2. Select one of the following options:
    Figure : Options for default action when the DirectStylus is removed
    Options for default action when the DirectStylus is removed
    • None: No action occurs when the stylus is removed.
    • Open DirectStylus Launcher: Removing the stylus automatically brings up the NVIDIA DirectStylus Launcher, which features apps that are particularly useful when you are using the stylus. The preinstalled apps included in the launcher are Tegra Draw and Write. If you have other installed apps that you want to add to the launcher, touch Add + in the launcher, and select the apps from your list.
    • Launch app: Select an app to launch automatically when the stylus is removed.
      Figure : Launch app
      Launch app

Show or hide cursors

Pen and eraser cursors are enabled by default. When the pen or eraser touches the screen, a cursor displays at the point of contact. To disable the cursors for draw and erase, remove the check marks. To enable the cursors for draw and erase, replace the check marks.
Figure : Cursor settings
Cursor settings

Set timer to activate finger touch after pen use (Pen-to-touch delay)

When you write on a touchscreen using a stylus, accidental input from your fingers or the side of your hand can sometimes occur. The tablet tries to prevent this accidental input with a pen-to-touch delay setting that you can adjust to work with your writing style.
The settings options may vary depending on your tablet model:

Change handedness for left-handed or right-handed stylus use (HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition)

On the HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition tablet, you can change the handedness setting to provide more accurate input when using the stylus with your left hand. By default, the settings are configured for right-handed stylus use. Enable or disable the Left-handed setting in the DirectStylus menu.
Figure : Handedness setting
Handedness setting in the DirectStylus menu

Frequently asked questions about using the DirectStylus

This section offers answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using the stylus on your tablet.

Does the touchscreen still recognize finger input when the stylus is in use?

When the stylus is in contact with the screen, the touchscreen does not respond to any other touch, unless you have disabled the finger touch activation timer (HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition tablets only). The touchscreen might also reject finger input for a brief time after the stylus leaves contact with the screen. To adjust this setting, see Set timer to activate finger touch after pen use (Pen-to-touch delay).
After the pen-to-touch delay period has passed, your fingers work as an input device, as long as stylus-only mode is disabled. See Using stylus-only mode for more information.
Certain apps, such as the Write app, respond to stylus input only.

Can I use handwriting to compose emails and other text documents?

None of the preinstalled apps on the tablet support handwriting-to-text conversion. However, you may find compatible handwriting recognition apps in the Google Play Store (in English).

Does the stylus need batteries or need to be charged?

No, the DirectStylus does not require power to operate.

Why doesn't the DirectStylus work the same on one of my other touchscreen devices?

The DirectStylus is specially designed to work with HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition and HP Slate 7 Extreme tablets. The functionality may be different, or the stylus may not work at all, on other touchscreen devices.

I saved a drawing and now I can't find it. Where is it?

By default, drawings are saved to the Drawings album, which can be accessed using the Gallery app. For more information about viewing images on your tablet, refer to the HP support document Listening to Music, Watching Videos, and Viewing Photos (Android KitKat, Jelly Bean).






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