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HP Designjet 50ps Printer - Troubleshooting Color Issues

Information on spot colors

On a press, a spot color is a color printed with its own specific ink. In contrast, a process color printing uses four inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to produce all colors.
Spot colors can be defined in most publishing applications as well as within the HP Designjet 50PS PrintManager. If a spot color is not found on the HP Designjet 50PS RIP Server, the preview color will be a “cream color”. The application may include the CMYK values for a spot color allowing it to print properly.
To ensure spot colors print properly, define them in both the application and the software RIP. Specify the same color name and CMYK percentages in the application and the software RIP.

How to troubleshoot a color issue

Make sure that…
  1. The printheads are properly aligned. The purpose of the Printhead Alignment is to correct the alignment between the printheads in order to prevent color misalignment and print quality defects like banding. Normally the Printhead Alignment is launched automatically after a printhead has been replaced. The printer prints the Printhead Alignment page and scans the pattern on the page in order to align the printheads. The alignment can be performed through Designjet System Maintenance under Maintenance Functions.
  2. The printer is calibrated on the appropriate media. Use the Proofing Engine Manager to check which calibrations have been performed.
    Figure : Close Loop Color Calibration
  3. The media selected in the Proofing Engine Manager is actually the media in use. Use an HP proofing media for best results.
  4. The CMYK ICC input profile selected matches the color space used for the creation of CMYK images.
    Figure : Selecting Color Space
  5. The RGB ICC input profile selected matches the color space used for the creation of RGB images.
    Figure : RGB Input Profile
  6. For proofs, the ICC profile corresponding to the press in final production is installed and selected under PrinterProfile in JobStream and/or the Virtual Printer in use.
    Figure : Printer Profile in JobStream and/or Virtual Printer
  7. Input Rendering Intent is absolute colorimetric if the white color of the press media is different to the white color of the proofing media or relative colorimetric in all other cases
    Figure : Input Rendering Intent
  8. If using PANTONE*(R) colors, be sure Automatic Pantone Calibration matching is on (checked).
    Figure : Select Automatic Pantone Calibration
  9. In addition, some applications (ie. QuarkXpress) allow the user to customize the names of colors in their palettes. Do not change the names of Pantone colors when adding them to the palette.
  10. If using spot colors, be sure Spotcoloremulation is on (checked) and the spot color has been defined in the PrintManager and the application using the same name in each place.
Figure : Spotcolor Emulation

Additional informational color and color matching Web sites

More detailed information about color and color matching may be obtained by visiting the following Web sites:
  • (spectrophotometers)