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HP Slate 21 All-in-One PCs - Setting Up Your HP Desktop Computer (Android 4.2/Jelly Bean)

This document applies to HP desktop computers with Android 4.2/Jelly Bean operating system.
This document provides information about setting up your HP Android computer, setting up the Internet connection, and adding an owner account.

Included in the box

The following items ship with the product:
  • Keyboard and mouse (select models only)
  • The All-in-One computer
      Computer front view
    1. Webcam
    2. Internal microphone
    3. Webcam light
    4. Volume up button
    5. Volume down button
    6. Brightness up button
    7. Brightness down button
    8. Power button
    9. Speakers
      Computer rear view
    1. SD card reader
    2. USB 2.0 connector
    3. Audio out (headphone) jack
    4. AC power connector
    5. Ethernet connector
    6. USB 2.0 connector
    7. USB 2.0 connector
  • AC adapter and power cord

Step 1: Setting up the hardware

Use the steps in this section to set up your computer.
Unpack the box and remove any packaging material from the computer and power cables.
Set the computer on a desktop or mount it to a mounting fixture such as a wall mount or swing arm. Place the computer in a convenient, well-ventilated location. To assemble the computer for desktop use:
The power cord must be disconnected before setting up the computer.
  1. Set the computer face down on a flat surface protected with soft material such as a towel.
  2. Pull the stand outward until you hear it click.
    Computer stand operation
  3. Lift the computer to an upright position and place on a flat, stable surface.
  4. Face the rear of the computer and hold it carefully. Without touching the screen, adjust the screen tilt by rotating the stand up and down.
    Tilting the computer screen
  5. Remove the Rear I/O cover by gently pulling on the lower corners of the cover.
    Rear I/O cover
  6. Connect the AC adapter and power cable to the computer.
  7. Connect the AC adapter and power cable to a power outlet.
  8. Remove the protective film from the computer screen.

Step 2: Turning on your computer

The power button is located on the lower right edge of the computer display. To turn on the computer, press and hold the power button until the HP logo appears on the screen. After turning on the computer, a Welcome screen displays. Using the touch screen and on-screen keyboard, continue with the steps in this document to complete the setup process.

Step 3: Selecting your preferred language

Select your preferred language on the welcome screen.
  1. Swipe up or down on the touch screen to scroll through the language menu until your preferred language is highlighted.
    Language menu
    If your preferred language does not appear in the list, you can install the language after completing setup. Search for the language in the Google Play Store (in English), download the language, and then follow the steps as instructed to begin using the language.
  2. click or touch Start.

Step 4: Setting up an Internet connection

Connecting to the Internet during the initial setup is optional, however if you choose not to set up a network connection, the computer is limited in functionality until you establish a connection. Without Internet, you cannot sign in using a Google Account, and cannot update software or download apps. The computer can be connected to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection or an Ethernet connection.
To skip past the Select Connection page, click or touch Skip, and then click or touch Skip anyway. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue setting up the computer.
To set up your Internet connection, choose one of the following sections depending on your Internet service.

Step 5: Setting up an account

When you sign in using your primary Google Account email address and password, you are automatically signed in to all the Google sites and services associated with that account (for example, Gmail and Google Play). The first account added to the computer is the owner account, and includes special permissions (for example, the ability to delete other user accounts stored on the computer, and the ability to reset the computer). After adding an account during the initial setup, up to seven (7) additional user accounts can be added to the computer.
Use the steps in one of the following sections to set up an account on your computer with an existing Google Account, with a new Google Account, or without using a Google Account:

Step 5: Completing setup

Select your location preferences, and the date and time in order to complete the computer setup. These settings can be changed at any time by accessing the settings.
  1. Select your Google & location preferences, and then click or touch the forward arrow.
  2. To select your time zone, click or touch GMT and then select your time zone from the list.
    Select time zone
  3. Click or touch Current date to set the date.
    Setting the date
  4. Click or touch Current time to set the clock. Click or touch the forward arrow to take you to the next screen.
    Setting the time
  5. Enter your first and last name in the provided fields, and then click or touch the forward arrow.
    This tablet belongs to
  6. Read the terms on the Google services screen. Click or touch the forward arrow to agree with the terms.

Step 7: Registering your product

When you reach the Setup complete screen, click or touch Finish. A product registration page appears. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your computer, or bypass the registration by clicking or touching Skip Registration. If prompted, read and agree to HP's license terms.
Registration page
The computer is set up and ready to use.

Step 8 (optional): Connecting the keyboard and mouse

If you plan to use a keyboard and mouse with your computer, connect them now. Connect the optional wired keyboard and mouse to the USB ports in the Rear I/O compartment.






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