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HP ProBook x360 11 G1, G2, and G3 Education Edition Notebooks - Using the HP Active Pen

This document pertains to the HP Active Pen and the compatible HP ProBook x360 11 G1, G2, and G3 Education Edition notebooks.
In Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. you can write, draw, and paint on the screen without configuring the pen in these programs:
  • Windows Ink Workspace
  • Microsoft OneNote (requires a Microsoft account)
  • Microsoft Fresh Paint
HP Active Pen with Spare Tips

About the HP Active Pen

The HP Active Pen is a light-weight digital stylus designed for touchscreen interaction as an alternative to finger-touch input. It has a fine, replaceable pen-like tip that can be used to write or draw on the screen, or to navigate the operating system and compatible applications. The pen is powered by an internal, replaceable battery.

Items shipped in the box with the HP Active Pen

The following items are shipped in the box with your new HP Active Pen with Spare Tips:
    Items shipped in the box
  1. HP Active Pen
  2. Circular tweezers (only available in the AMO kit)
  3. Three extra pen tips (only available in the AMO kit)
  4. A fabric-like pen holder
  5. Lanyard
  6. AAAA Battery
  7. Documentation
The documentation includes the warranty card, Quick Setup instructions, and Product Notices.

Pen features

The pen hardware has the following buttons and features:
    Buttons and features of the pen
  1. Tip (removable)
  2. Eraser button
  3. Right-click button
  4. Pen clip
  5. Pen cap (removable)

Installing the battery

To use the pen, first insert the battery:
  1. Remove the cap of the pen by turning it counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise).
  2. Position the battery with the positive end toward the empty pen body.
    Battery positioned to be inserted
  3. Slide the battery into the pen.
    Sliding the battery into the pen
  4. Replace the cap.
    Pen with cap replaced

Attaching the lanyard

Use the following steps to attach the lanyard to the pen and to the notebook.
  1. Slip one of the loops at the end of the lanyard through the opening under the pen clip.
    Loop slipped under the pan clip
  2. Bring the loop at the other end of the lanyard over the pen clip, slip it through the first loop, and gently pull the lanyard until it fits snugly around the pen clip.
    Lanyard attached to the pan clip
  3. On the bottom cover of the notebook, loosen one of the screws reserved for the lanyard.
    Screw location with the screw removed
  4. Slip the empty loop over the screw, and then secure the screw to the notebook.
    Lanyard secured to the notebook

Attaching the pen holder

The pen holder has a sticky surface that has a protective covering. Follow these steps to attach the pen holder to the notebook:
  1. Find a place on the bottom cover where you can secure the holder so that it does not interfere with the balance of the notebook when the pen is inserted in the holder.
  2. Carefully lift and pull the protective covering from the holder.
    Lifting and removing the protective covering
  3. Firmly press the holder to the bottom cover of the notebook.
    Bottom cover with the holder attached
With the pen holder in the proper position, the pen should fits in the holder without affecting the balance of the notebook when placed on a flat surface.
Pen holder in the proper position

Calibrating the touchscreen

The new pen works when the battery is inserted; however, calibrating the touchscreen is recommended. Calibration of the touchscreen is completed using the Digitizer Calibration Tool:
  1. Type calibrate in the Windows search field and then click Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input.
    Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input
  2. Click Calibrate.
    Tablet PC Settings with Calibrate selected
  3. Select Pen Input.
    Calibrate screen with Pen input selected
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen. For best results, quickly tap all the cross-hairs on the screen before the pen deactivates.
    Cross-hairs on the calibration screen
  5. In the Digitizer Calibration Tool dialog box, click Yes to save the calibration.
    Digitizer Calibration Tool

Replacing the pen tip

If the pen-like tip of the pen becomes damaged or broken and does not work, replace it.
Your pen will appear different from the pen in the following instructions, but the procedures are accurate and applicable to the HP Active Pen.
  1. Find the tweezers and the replacement tips.
    Tweezers and pen tips
  2. Position the circular tweezers so that the groove in the tweezers fits around the tip of the pen. Then use two fingers to firmly press the tweezers onto the tip.
    Tweezers around the tip of the pen
  3. While squeezing the tweezers, gently pull the tip from the pen.
    Removing the tip
  4. Place a replacement tip in the tip cavity, and then gently push the tip until it securely clicks into position.
    Replacing the tip

Using the pen

To begin using the pen, press the tip of the pen against the notebook’s touchscreen. The touchscreen will automatically detect the pen when it is within range to be sensed by the digitizer, and provides cues on where to place the pen.
When the pen is within range, the notebook automatically switches the finger-touch functionality to off.
To save power, the pen will automatically deactivate if the tip has no pressure for 1.5 seconds. After writing has stopped and the pen is no longer detected by the screen, finger-touch functionality remains off for a few seconds and then touch will automatically become active again.
With the pen, you can perform the following mouse functions on the touchscreen:
  • Left-click: Tap the pen once on the screen to left-click an item.
  • Right-click: Press the right-click button on the pen and then press the tip on the screen to right-click an item.
  • Double-click: Tap the pen twice on the screen to double-click an item.
  • Select multiple items: Press the pen tip against the screen and drag it across the items or text you want to select.
    Press and hold the pen against the first of several items you want to select. Then, while still holding the item, press the Shift key, and select the last item. The Shift key function selects all the items between the first and the last item.
  • Erase: Press and hold the pen tip against the screen on the item you want to erase, and then click the eraser button. You can erase a single item, or use a swipe action to erase multiple items.
The pen can be used either physically touching the screen or it can be used by hovering above the surface of the screen, with no screen contact necessary.






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