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HP Printers - Set up and configure Mopria printing on an Android smart phone or tablet


Use this document to set up and configure a Mopria print solution to print to a Mopria-certified HP printer.
Mopria logo
Mopria is a mobile printing standard that enables basic printing between Android mobile devices and Mopria-certified wireless- and network-capable printers from HP and other manufacturers. You can print to Mopria-certified printers using a Mopria Print Service app available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

Step one: Check compatibility

Make sure that you have a Mopria-compatible Android smart phone or tablet running 4.4 or newer.
Make sure that you have a Mopria-certified printer or an accessory such as the HP 1200w NFC/Wireless Mobile Print Accessory.
  • Look for the Mopria logo on the box of select HP Printers and Mobile Printing Accessories, or
  • Check the certified printer list to find out whether your existing HP printer has been recently Mopria-certified. See Mopria-certified HP Printers.

Step two: Download and install the Mopria app

Many new smart phones and tablets have the Mopria plug-in built-in at the time of purchase. If not, or to update to the latest version, download it from Google Play Store.
  1. Check whether a Mopria print service has been pre-loaded.
    1. Open Settings and open General settings.
    2. Open the Application manager.
  2. Go to the Google Play Store, and search for the Mopria Print Service app.
  3. Select the Mopria Print Service app.
  4. Select Install and if prompted, log in to your Google account.
  5. Wait for the app to install. When complete the app will be visible on the device.

Step three: Connect to the network

Mopria Print Service uses mDNS to automatically discover your printer when the smart phone or tablet is connected to a Mopria-certified printer on the same network.
  1. Make sure the printer has wired- or wireless-network capability and is properly configured to print on a network.
  2. Make sure the smart phone or tablet has Wi-Fi turned on and is connected on the same network as the printer.
To troubleshoot a problem, see Troubleshoot Mopria printing.

Step four: Open the app and enable the Mopria Print Service

  1. Tap the app to open the Mopria Print Service.
  2. On the Getting Started screen, swipe to scroll to the next pages and review information about how to print and how to select a printer.
  3. Select the check box to confirm that you have reviewed and accept the terms and conditions, and then select I Agree.
  4. Tap the Printing Settings link to open settings.
    Depending the smart phone and/or operating system, this setting might already be enabled by default. You might also need to enable the Search for Wi-Fi Direct printers setting.
  5. Tap the Mopria Print Service option.
    For older operating systems, you might also need to tap Download plug-in to download the plug-in from the Google Play Store.
  6. Slide the button to enable the Mopria Print Service.
After the Mopria Print Service is enabled, the button turns green and all detected Mopria-certified printers are listed.






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