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HP Deskjet D1500 Printer Series - Faded or Dull Colors in Printouts


The printer is working, but colors in the printout are faded or dull in comparison to the original.


Perform the following steps to resolve the issue.

Step one: Check the paper

Make sure the paper type is appropriate for the project. If the paper is too fibrous or rough, the ink applied by the printer might not fully cover the print surface.

Step two: Check the print settings

  1. In the software application you are trying to print from, click File and then click Print. The Print dialog box opens.
  2. Select your product and then click Preferences. The printer Properties dialog box opens.
  3. Click the Features tab.
  4. Review the following options on the Features tab, and then make any necessary changes.
    • Print quality: If you are not satisfied with the quality of your printouts, increase the print quality. To print more quickly, decrease the print quality.
    • Paper type: If one of the options matches your paper type exactly, choose the matching option rather than Automatic.
    • Resizing Options: Make sure the selected option matches your paper size.

Step three: Print a diagnostic page

  1. Press the Power button () to turn on the product.
    Figure : Power button
  2. Press and hold the Power button ().
  3. Raise and lower the product cover four times while holding the Power button.
    Figure : Raise product cover
    Figure : Lower product cover
  4. Release the Power button (). The diagnostic page prints.
    Figure : The diagnostic page

Step four: Note which cartridges printed which areas of the diagnostic page

Different combinations of print cartridges can be installed in the product, and different cartridge combinations print different diagnostic page patterns. Identify which cartridge printed which part of the diagnostic page to determine the faulty cartridge.
    Figure : Diagnostic page layout
  1. Printed by the left (color) cartridge
  2. Printed by the right (black) cartridge

Step five: Check the ink-level indicators on the diagnostic page

If a refilled or remanufactured ink cartridge has been installed, or a cartridge that has been used in another product, the ink level indicator will be inaccurate or unavailable.
The Ink Level Status can be found in the middle of the diagnostic page. As ink is used, the Ink Level number will decrease.
Figure : Left and right cartridge Ink Level Status - both okay
If the print quality becomes unacceptable and either ink cartridge is low on ink, replace the ink cartridge.

Step six: Check for defects on the diagnostic page

In general, if the product and print cartridges are working correctly, the patterns on the diagnostic page, which look like grids of lines, should contain few or no missing lines. None of the colors should be missing. Also, there should be no streaks of ink on the page.

Missing lines or streaked bars

If ink levels are low, the color bars will often be streaked. If a pattern shows more than a few missing lines, or a bar is streaked, that print cartridge is not functioning correctly.
Figure : The left cartridge shows missing lines and a streaked bar
If the diagnostic page shows missing lines or streaked bars, click here to continue troubleshooting (c01410841) (in English).

Colors do not match the color on the cartridge label

If any of the colors of the bars are very different from the color dots on the cartridge label, the cartridge is not functioning correctly.
Figure : The color of one of the left cartridge bars is very different from the color on the cartridge label
If the diagnostic page shows colors that are very different from the colors on the cartridge label, click here to continue troubleshooting (c01410842) (in English).

Missing colors

If any of the color patterns or bars are missing completely, the cartridge is not functioning correctly.
If printing in reserve mode, without all the cartridges installed, the patterns associated with the missing cartridge will be missing.
    Figure : The yellow pattern and bar is missing
  1. Good test page
  2. Yellow pattern and bar missing
If any of the patterns or bars are entirely missing from the diagnostic page, click here to continue troubleshooting (c01365846) (in English).

Ink smears

If the diagnostic page shows smeared ink, the cartridges are not functioning correctly.
Figure : Smeared ink
If the diagnostic page shows smeared ink, click here to continue troubleshooting (c01410846) (in English).

Step seven: Continued troubleshooting if the diagnostic page shows no defects

If no defects appear on the diagnostic page, the cartridges and product are probably working correctly. Click here to continue troubleshooting (c00635950) (in English).






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