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Configure your printer - HP DesignJet XL3600

Front panel

The front panel is a touch-sensitive screen with a graphical user interface, located on the front right of the printer.

It gives you complete control of your printer: from the front panel, you can view information about the printer, change printer settings, monitor printer status, and perform tasks such as supplies replacement and calibrations. The front panel displays alerts (warning and error messages) when necessary.

It includes the following components:

  1. The front panel itself: a 15.6 inch, full-color, touch-sensitive screen with a graphical user interface.

  2. A Hi-Speed USB host port, intended for connecting a USB flash drive, which can provide files to be printed. When a USB flash drive is inserted, a USB icon USB icon is displayed on the front panel's all-apps page.

  3. The power key, with which you can turn the printer on or off, or wake up from sleep mode.

The front panel has a large central area to display dynamic information and icons.

Home pages

There are three top-level pages that you can move between by sliding your finger across the screen:

  • The main screen provides direct access to the main printer functions.

    Main page
  • The all-apps page displays a list of all apps available in your printer, and the status of each of them.

    All-apps page
  • If you swipe left to the widget page, you can see at a glance the status of ink, paper supplies and job queue.

    Widget page
  • At the top of the all-apps page there is a dashboard that displays alerts related to the main functions of the printer. Swipe down the dashboard to access the Status Center.

Set up printer services

The following sections provide details for this topic.

You can set up the following services:

  • Receive automatic firmware updates

  • Enable email printing

  • Enable additional printer services

A network connection is required, so the printer will test its own connectivity. Remember to connect the network cable to the printer.

Each printer service can be enabled or disabled individually as explained below.

During initial printer setup, you are asked whether you want to enable these services. That decision can be changed later by tapping Connectivity icon, then Small settings icon at the top of the page, then Services > Data Collection & HP Privacy Statement.

If you are part of the HP Partner Link Pay-per-use service, tap Connectivity icon, then Services icon, then Ellipsis icon, then Register new service in order to register the printer service.