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HP Notebook PCs - Configuring the HP Pen using HP Pen Control software (Windows 11, 10)

Download the HP Pen Control app if it is not preinstalled on your computer. Use HP Pen Control to change the settings on your HP Pen using the instructions in this document.

Download the HP Pen Control app

Download the HP Pen Control app from the Microsoft Store.

  1. In Windows, search for and open the Microsoft Store.

  2. In the Microsoft Store, search for and open HP Pen Control.

  3. Click Get, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

    HP Pen Control screen with Get highlighted

Review privacy settings for HP Pen Control

The HP Pen Control app uses tools like Google Analytics to collect usage data. When you launch the app for the first time, you are prompted to accept or decline data collection.

  1. Open the HP Pen Control app.

  2. Click Yes or No to accept or decline data collection.


    Data collection settings can be changed at any time in Windows privacy settings.

    Example of selecting yes or no in the Review Privacy Settings window

Restore the HP Pen to default settings

The HP Pen features a top button and a bottom button, each with a default function that can be changed using HP Pen Control. This section explains the default settings, and how to restore the defaults in the HP Pen Control application.

The default button settings are as follows:

  • Top button: Default setting is Right-click/Select. While pointing the pen at an item on the screen, press the top button to right-click or select that item.

  • Bottom button: Default setting is Erase. In applications that support an erase function, press the bottom button, and then move the pen over the items you want to erase.

To restore the default settings, use the following steps:

  1. Open the HP Pen Control app by clicking the HP Pen Control icon in the system tray, or type HP Pen Control in the Windows search box.

  2. HP Pen Control opens, and the current button settings are displayed.

    Active Pen settings, showing the default button selections
  3. To restore the default setting and functions for the buttons, click Default.

    An example of the default button
  4. Click Apply to save the default settings.

  5. After restoring the default button functions, click the X in the upper-right corner, or click Cancel to close the HP Pen Control window.

Change the function of HP Pen buttons

Use the steps in this section to assign different actions, or functions, to the HP Pen buttons.

  1. Open the HP Pen Control app by clicking the HP Pen Control icon in the system tray, or type HP Pen Control in the Windows search box.

  2. Click the drop-down menu for either button to open the list of button functions.

    List of actions in the drop down menu for the buttons
  3. Select an action for the button.

    The following table contains button function options, and their corresponding shortcut key strokes and/or functions:

    HP Pen Control button function options

    Button Function

    Corresponding shortcut key stroke and/or function


    Ctrl + Z

    Shift key

    Shift key

    Control key


    Alt key


    Windows key

    Windows logo key

    Tab key



    Play music. Click the button to pause/replay the music.


    Open system volume mixer. The speaker is enabled or disabled after clicking the button.

    Volume up

    Increase the volume.

    Volume down

    Decrease the volume.

    Right arrow

    Right arrow key

    Left arrow

    Left arrow key

    New browser tab

    Ctrl + T

    Previous page (back arrow)

    Alt + Left arrow key

    In a browser, it takes you to the previous page.

    Next page (forward arrow)

    Alt + Right arrow key

    In a browser, it takes you to the next page.

    Take screen shot

    Windows logo key + PrtScn (Print Screen)

    The screen image is saved to the Pictures folder/Screenshots in Windows.

    Launch task manager

    Ctrl + Shift + Esc

    Switch between apps

    Alt + Tab

    Show the desktop

    Windows logo key + D


    Similar to two-finger touchpad scroll; for applications with a scrollbar, press and hold the button and move the pen to scroll.

    Disable Pen buttons

    Disables the button function.

  4. Click Apply.

    An example of the apply button