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Update the firmware

The printer's various functions are controlled by firmware that resides in the printer.

From time to time firmware updates will be available from HP. These updates increase the printer's functionality, enhance its features, and may correct minor problems.


You are strongly recommended to update the firmware periodically in order to take advantage of the latest developments.

There are various ways of downloading and installing firmware updates; you can choose whichever you find most convenient. They can be divided into two categories: automatic and manual updates.

Automatic firmware updates

Automatic firmware updates are a convenience that is possible with Web-connected printers. Your printer can automatically download the latest firmware release and install it for you.

Important notes

  • Your printer must be connected to the Internet; see Set up printer services.

  • To configure automatic firmware updates, you can use the front panel or the Embedded Web Server; see Set up printer services.

  • If an administrator password has been set, it will be required to change these settings.

  • A firmware update package can be large; you may want to consider whether there are any implications for your network or Internet connection.

  • A firmware update is downloaded in the background: the printer can be printing at the same time. However, it cannot be installed in the background: printing must stop.

Manual firmware updates

Manual firmware updates can be performed in the following ways:

  • Using the Embedded Web Server, select the About Printer tab and then Manual Firmware Update.

  • Using the HP DesignJet Utility under Windows, select the Admin tab and then Launch Firmware Update.

  • Using HP Web Jetadmin, with which you can make manual firmware updates or request automatic updates.

  • Using a USB flash drive. Download the firmware file from into the USB flash drive and insert it into the Hi-Speed USB host port in the front panel. A firmware update assistant will appear on the front panel to guide you through the update process.