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Calibrate the scanner

Your scanner has been calibrated at the factory, and theoretically CIS scanners do not need to be recalibrated during their lifetimes.

Nevertheless, because of environmental changes, your scanner may start showing image defects that can be easily corrected by recalibrating the scanner. The whole procedure takes less than 10 minutes, and you are recommended to recalibrate the scanner whenever you see some undesired artifact or a lack of quality in scanned files or copies, bearing in mind the limitations of CIS technology already explained in this guide. If you perform calibration successfully and still have concerns about the image quality, see Scanner troubleshooting; alternatively, you may want to consider buying a CCD scanner.

To calibrate the scanner

The following steps provide the complete procedure for this topic.

  1. Clean the scanner. See Clean the scanner’s glass plate.

  2. Go to the front panel and tap Settings icon, then Scanner preferences > Calibrate scanner.

  3. Follow the instructions in the front panel.

If calibration fails

The following steps provide the complete procedure for this topic.

The supplied maintenance sheet required to perform scanner calibration looks like this:

Scanner calibration sheet

Load the maintenance sheet into the scanner face up, centered and with as little skew as possible. Once the calibration is finished, the maintenance sheet should be carefully placed into its solid cover, and saved in a fresh and dry place. Otherwise, it could be damaged, which could affect the operation of your scanner in the future. Check that the maintenance sheet is not dirty, wrinkled, scratched or folded before calibrating the scanner. If necessary, call your support representative and ask for a new maintenance sheet.

  1. Ensure that the printer is turned on and ready for normal operation.

  2. Ensure that the scanner is working correctly. To test it, scan a small document to file.

  3. Ensure that the scanner is clean before calibration. If in doubt, clean the scanner and restart the calibration process.

  4. Eject and reload the calibration sheet, checking that it is clean, in good condition, face up and perfectly centered in the scanner.

  5. If the above steps do not help, eject the sheet and restart the printer (turn off and on). When the system has restarted, repeat the calibration.

  6. If you cannot perform the calibration successfully in three consecutive attempts, call your support representative and report the error code that appears in the front panel.