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Printhead status messages

These are the possible printhead status messages:

  • OK: The printhead is working normally, with no known problems

  • Missing: There is no printhead present, or it is not correctly installed in the printer.

  • Reseat: You are recommended to remove the printhead and then reinsert it. If that fails, clean the electrical connections, see . If that fails, replace the printhead with a new printhead, see Remove the printhead and .

  • Replace: The printhead is failing. Replace the printhead with a working printhead, see Remove the printhead and .

  • Replacement incomplete: The printhead replacement process has not completed successfully; re-launch the replacement process and let it finish completely.

  • Remove: The printhead is not a suitable type for use in printing.

  • Non-HP ink: Ink from a used, refilled, or counterfeit ink cartridge has passed through the printhead. See the limited warranty document provided with your printer for details of the warranty implications.