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Configure the email server

To configure the email server using the Embedded Web Server, click Setup > E-mail server, and fill in the following fields, which are usually supplied by the email server provider.

  • SMTP server and port number: The IP address or fully qualified domain name of the outgoing mail server (SMTP) that will process all email messages from the printer. If the mail server requires authentication, email notifications will not work.

  • Printer e-mail address: The email address assigned to the account that is being configured in the printer. This email address will appear in the From: field of all the email messages sent by the printer. This is not the same email address that is used by HP Connected.

  • Attachment size limit: The maximum size of a file attached to an email message. When you scan to email from the front panel, you will be warned if an attachment is higher than this limit, but you can ignore the warning and send the message anyway.

  • Use SSL certificates: Check this box to use SSL certificates if the server requires an encrypted connection. Click the link to configure advanced certificate settings.

  • Authentication. If you choose authentication, you are also asked for your username and password.

Once you have configured the email server, you are strongly recommended to check the configuration.