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HP Business PCs - Cloud registration for HP Wolf Pro Security Edition

HP Wolf Pro Security Edition PCs ship with HP Wolf Pro Security software. As an HP Wolf Pro Security Edition PC customer, you can access a portal that allows you to control PC security and license management on HP Wolf Pro Security Edition PCs in your environment.

After registering for a cloud account, you can set up your HP Wolf Security Controller, and then start managing your HP Wolf Pro Security Edition PCs through the security controller.

Register your cloud account and activate the HP Wolf Security Controller

If you are self-managing your PC security and you have an environment with multiple HP Wolf Pro Security Edition PCs, an Activate button is displayed on the HP Wolf Security Desktop Console.

  1. Click Activate.


    Everyone in the organization that uses HP Wolf Pro Security Edition sees the Activate button. HP recommends that only the IT administrator or the person in charge of managing endpoint security starts the activation procedure by clicking Activate.

    Everyone sees the message because HP does not store personal identification information, and therefore cannot directly target the IT administrator in the organization. When the IT administrator completes the registration procedure, the message disappears from all PCs.

    HP Wolf Security console with Activate circled
  2. Create an HP account by clicking Sign up, or sign into your existing account if you already have one.

    Sign in with HP account screen
  3. On the Product Activation screen, click Next.


    Do not edit the device ID.

    Product Activation screen
  4. On the license agreement screen, select I agree to the terms and conditions, and then click Next.


    The START DATE shown is not the current date. It is the date that the HP Wolf Pro Security license term started on the PC. This date is the first day that you turned on the PC and connected to the internet.

    License agreement screen with check box selected
  5. Select the Data Privacy Region from the drop-down list, enter the name of your organization, and then click Next.


    Currently, the three supported regions are EU, North America, and Japan. The selected region tells HP Wolf Security where to create your HP Wolf Security Controller instance and store your data. If you are outside these regions, it is best to select North America.

    Registration details
  6. If you want to add other users to your account, click Add another user to enter their information. When you are finished adding other users, click Next.


    If you do not want to add users during this procedure, you can add them later after you create the security controller.

    User accounts
  7. Click Complete Registration after you confirm the account details.

    Confirm details

Register additional PCs

After you activate the security controller, you can enroll additional HP Wolf Pro Security Edition PCs.

  1. Download the .msi file by clicking Download personalized installer.


    The .msi filename appears as HPSecurityUpdateService - <your security controller name>.msi.

    Download personalized installer option selected
  2. Run the installation file on the other HP Wolf Pro Security Edition PCs in the environment.


    When the installer is run on other HP Wolf Pro Security Edition PCs, they automatically connect to the security controller.


    You do not need to use a special command to run the .msi file. You can use standard MSIEXEC command lines if your organization requires that the .msi be run in the background. You can also run it using SCCM or another management tool for organization-wide deployment.

Enable advanced features

When the security controller detects that there 25 or more devices connected to it, it prompts you to upgrade to the full manageability feature set. HP recommends this step for larger environments, because it allows you to access features such as device health management, device grouping, active policy management, advanced threat analysis, and more.


The Upgrade button is available on the Settings tab when 25 or more devices are enrolled.

  1. Click Upgrade on the Settings screen to enable the advanced features.


    This process might take up to 15 minutes.

    Enable advanced features Upgrade button

    When the full feature set is enabled, the features are displayed on the Home screen.

    Home screen with features that have been enabled