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HP LaserJet, HP OfficeJet Enterprise, HP PageWide Enterprise - How to stop or cancel a print job (macOS)

Learn how to cancel a print job from the printer control panel, the software program, or the macOS print queue.

Stop or cancel a print job (macOS)

Choose one of the following options to cancel a print job:

  • From the printer control panel: If the print job is currently printing, press the Cancel button on the printer control panel to cancel the job.


    If the print job is too far into the printing process, you might not have the option to cancel it.

    Pressing the Cancel button clears the job that is currently printing. If more than one process is running, pressing the Cancel button clears the process that currently displays on the printer control panel.

  • From the software program: Typically, a dialog box displays briefly on the computer screen, allowing you to cancel the print job.

  • From the macOS print queue: Open the print queue by double-clicking the printer icon in the dock. Click the print job to highlight it, and then click Delete.