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HP Notebook PCs - Using HP Cool Control to reduce heat

HP Cool Control is available with certain HP Spectre notebooks. HP Cool Control allows users to adjust the performance of the notebook to lower the temperature of notebook to a more comfortable level.

Where do I find Cool Control?

You can open HP Cool Control through the Windows search box or Control Panel.

  • In Windows, type cool in the search box. Then click Cool Control in the search results.

    Opening HP Cool Control
  • In Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound > HP Cool Control.

    Opening HP Cool Control

What do the HP Cool Control options mean?

Turning on HP Cool Control can help to cool down the temperature of the surface of the PC, while still maintaining over 92% processing performance.

When HP Cool Control is off, performance and fan settings are not adjusted beyond your notebook's default cooling settings. The notebook is operating at itt optimized performance and temperature setting.

When HP Cool Control is on, HP Cool Control automatically adjusts performance and fan settings to keep the surface temperature of your notebook at a more comfortable temperature.

To turn HP Cool Control on or off, click the appropriate icon.

HP Cool Control on

How do I reduce the heat from my PC even further?

If your notebook is still hot, you can find other ways to reduce heat buildup.

For more information, see HP Notebook PCs - Reduce heat inside the laptop to prevent overheating in Windows.