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HP Notebook PCs - Driver for SM Bus Controller in Windows

When you upgrade or change the Windows operating system to a different version of Windows than the version originally installed on your computer, the SM Bus Controller might not install correctly. You might also experience this issue after reinstalling the Windows operating system.


This document includes information about issues with the SM Bus Controller. For general information about downloading or updating software and drivers, see HP PCs - Downloading or updating software and drivers.

SM Bus Controller driver error

If the SM Bus Controller is not installed correctly, you might see one of the following errors.

A yellow exclamation point might be displayed next to SM Bus Controller in Device Manager. Also, SM Bus Controller might be listed under Other devices instead of System devices.

Exclamation point next to SM Bus Controller in Device Manager

You might also see a Cannot Install this Hardware message in the Hardware Update Wizard.

Cannot Install this Hardware message in Hardware Update Wizard

Update the SM Bus Controller driver

Follow these steps to update the SM Bus Controller driver.

  1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet.

  2. In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.

  3. Click View, and then select Show hidden devices.

  4. Select the arrow to expand System devices, and then right-click SM Bus Controller.


    If you do not see SM Bus Controller listed, your computer does not have an SM Bus Controller or it is not recognizing the controller. Restart the computer, and then perform these steps again. If you still do not see SM Bus Controller listed, your computer does not have an SM Bus Controller.

  5. Select Update driver.

    The computer automatically searches for and installs the correct driver. If the driver updates successfully, you are done. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

  6. In Windows, search for and open dxdiag. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens.

  7. Click the Display tab.

  8. Find your chipset information in the Device section.

    Chipset information in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool
  9. Open a web browser, and then search the full name of your chipset to find the official website of the chipset manufacturer.


    The following are the most common chipset manufacturer websites:

  10. Browse to the driver download page, and then follow the manufacturer's instructions to download and install the drivers for your chipset.


    For assistance on finding compatible drivers for your notebook computer, go to HP Consumer Forum (in English).