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HP Smart Tank 500, 600 Printers - Replacing Printheads

This document is for HP Smart Tank 500 and 508 All-in-One, Smart Tank 511, 514, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519, 530, 531, 538, 615, 617 and 618 Wireless All-in-One, and Smart Tank Plus 551, 555, 559, 570, 571, 651, and 655 Wireless All-in-One printers.
Replace printheads that are damaged or no longer functioning properly. Replacement printheads are available from HP Authorized Repair Centers or Service Partners.

Step 1: Remove the printhead

Remove the damaged or faulty printhead.
  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Make sure plain paper is loaded in the input tray.
  3. Make sure all ink tanks are at least half full.
  4. Open the front door, and then open the printhead access door.
    Opening the front door and the printhead access door
  5. Wait until the carriage stops moving before you continue.
    If the carriage does not move to the center of the printer, the printheads do not need to be replaced. For more information, see Why does the carriage not move in Frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  6. Push down on the carriage latch to unlock it.
    Unlocking the carriage latch
  7. Press down on the printhead to release it, pull it out of its slot, and then set it aside on a protected surface.
    To prevent ink from leaking or transferring, hold the printhead by the sides and keep the printhead upright at all times.
    Removing the tri-color printhead

Step 2: Replace the printhead

Replace the black or tri-color printhead.
  1. Remove the new printhead from the package.
    Remove printheads from package
  2. Pull the plug straight up from the top of the printhead.
    Remove plugs from new printheads
  3. Remove the tape from the printhead contacts using the pull tabs.
    Do not touch the copper-colored contact or the ink nozzle.Do not replace the protective tape on the contact. Handling these parts can result in clogs, ink failure, and bad electricalconnections.
    Remove the tape, but do not touch the copper contact
  4. Slide the printhead at a slight upward angle into the empty slot, and then gently push up on the printhead until it snaps into place.
    • Insert the black printhead into the right slot.
    • Insert the tri-color printhead into the left slot.
    Inserting the new printhead
  5. Repeat these steps for the other printhead, if necessary.
  6. Close the carriage latch by pushing it down firmly until the latch clicks into place.
    Do not open the carriage latch after printhead installation unless you are installing new printheads or moving the printer long distances.
    Closing the carriage latch
  7. Close the front door.
  8. Align the printheads.
    • If your printer has a touchscreen control panel, follow the control panel prompts to print an Alignment page, and then follow the instructions on the page to scan it and align the new printheads.
    • If your printer does not have a touchscreen control panel, an A blinks on the control panel and an Alignment page prints automatically. Follow the instructions on the page to scan it and align the new printheads.
    After the alignment, the printer begins the process of priming the ink system.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Review the list of frequently asked questions about replacing the printheads.






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