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HP PrinterOn Enterprise - Network requirements for the PrinterOn PrintConnect and the PrinterOn PrintValet deployment

Using the steps below will help to successfully deploy the PrinterOn PrintConnect and PrinterOn PrintValet devices.
  • A dynamic host control protocol (DHCP) server needs to be available on the network so that the PrinterOn PrintConnect device can obtain an IP Address
  • The PrinterOn PrintConnect device will attempt to register its own hostname with the DHCP server in order to facilitate name resolution on the local area network (LAN). The PrinterOn PrintConnect device’s own hostname is the same as the MAC address of its ethernet port
  • DNS and network routing must be set up to allow the PrinterOn PrintConnect device to resolve the DNS names for the PrinterOn Web Services
  • Outgoing Internet communication on TCP ports 80 and 443 must be permitted along with the responses that are returned
  • The PrinterOn PrintConnect device issues HTTP POST requests via TCP ports 80
  • The PrinterOn PrintConnect device issues HTTPS POST requests via TCP port 443
Applies to PrinterOn PrintConnect (Linux) and PrinterOn PrintValet. The PrinterOn PrintConnect device can be configured to work in network situations where all traffic has to go through a single HTTP Proxy