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HP FutureSmart - Feature differences between FutureSmart 3 and FutureSmart 4

HP Enterprise and HP Managed printers have two major revisions of firmware available: FutureSmart 3 and FutureSmart 4. You can tell which revision of firmware the printer is currently running by viewing the home screen on the control panel.
HP FutureSmart 3 control panel
HP FutureSmart 4 control panel
HP FutureSmart 4 is HP’s newest revision of Enterprise printer firmware. It includes all the features available in HP FutureSmart 3 along with new features and enhancements.

Advantages of HP FutureSmart 4

HP FutureSmart 4 offers advanced feature enhancements and a high degree of customization beyond what was available in HP FutureSmart 3.
These enhancements provide a simplified, more intuitive user interface (UI) and include advanced features to help administrators set up printers, to assist service and support personnel in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems, and to help make tasks easier and more secure for users.
An administrator password is required, or the access control restrictions must be removed, to allow users to access or modify some of these features.
  • New clean and simple control panel UI
    • Simplified home screen with just 2 to 4 applications as the default (depending on the control panel size)
    • Improved messaging with new Message Center that includes helpful animations to quickly resolve issues
  • New modern tablet-like capability on the control panel
    • Simplified layout with folders and scrolling pages for improved ease of use
    • Tablet-like capability with swipe and tap-to-select features
    • Contacts and address book application to improve work flows
    • Settings application with simplified controls for easy device management
  • New custom wallpaper on the home screen
    • Select a wallpaper from a computer, a network location, or a USB flash drive.
    • Use an image file (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp) that is 800 x 484 pixels or smaller.
  • New custom arrangement of apps on the home screen
    To remove items from the Home screen, drag them to the “Hidden Items” screen.
    • Use the Embedded Web Server (EWS) to customize the app arrangement on the home screen.
    • Drag and drop app icons to a new location on a page, or to a different page, as desired.
    • Create folders to store similar items.
  • Enhanced embedded web server (EWS) features
    • New EWS UI including searchable help
    • Enhanced security configuration options
  • Enhanced security and support
    In some cases, the new features render certain support and security features of HP FutureSmart 3 firmware obsolete. These features have been removed from HP FutureSmart 4 firmware.
    • Enhanced HTTP Security headers to support CWE-693 Protection Mechanisms
    • Solution white listing
  • Future investment protection
    • Enables older devices to be compatible with, and to have the same features and functionality, as newer devices.
    • Scalable control panel improves future extensibility and new capabilities
  • Improved, powerful productivity
    • New control panel applications and usability features
    • Improved image preview can now be used for both copying and scanning
    • More customizable, with new applications and usability features
    • New centralized contacts—combine address books and consolidate recipient addresses
To view an interactive list of control panel options and the visual differences between HP FutureSmart 3 and HP FutureSmart 4, go to www.hp.com/go/FutureSmartCompass.






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