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Samsung Printers - View Toner Usage History Using Samsung Printer Diagnostics

This document introduces the flow of steps when you select the View toner usage history option in the Samsung Printer Diagnostics (SPD) application.

View toner usage history

To use this application to view the toner usage history, select Advanced options on the main SPD screen.
Figure : Select Advanced options

Advanced options

In Advanced options, select View toner usage history.
Figure : Select View toner usage history

Select a connected printer

This screen lists the available printers. Choose the printer you want to check.
Figure : Select a printer

Toner usage history

This screen displays the toner usage history for the selected printer. Insert the service code in the dialog box. If the service code contains "admin@12", it passes. Examples include: dsdaadmin@12sda, admin@12345
Figure : Insert the service code