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Samsung Laser Printers - Using Samsung Printer Experience

Samsung Printer Experience is a Samsung application that combines Samsung printer settings and printer management into one location. You can set device settings, order supplies, open troubleshooting guides, visit Samsung's website, and check connected printer information. This application will be automatically downloaded from the Windows Store if the printer is connected to a computer with an Internet connection.
Available for Windows 8 or higher users only.

Understanding the Samsung Printer Experience

After downloading the app, use this information to open the application.
From the Start screen or clicking the Start icon , select the Samsung Printer Experience tile.
The Samsung Printer Experience interface comprises various useful features as described in the following table.
The screenshot might differ depending on operating system, model, or option.
Figure : Example of Samsung Printer Experience interface
Image shows Samsung Printer Experience interface
Printer Information
This area gives you general information about your printer. You can check information, such as the printer's status, location, IP address, and remaining toner level.
User's Guide
To view the online User's Guide, you need to be connected to the Internet to use this feature.
Clicking on this button opens the Troubleshooting Guide when an error occurs. You can directly open the troubleshooting section in the user's guide.
Order Supplies
Click on this button to order replacement toner cartridges online. To use this feature, you need to be connected to the Internet.
Visit Samsung
Links to Samsung printer website.To use this feature, you need to be connected to the Internet.
Printer Settings
You can configure various printer settings such as printer setup, paper, layout, emulation, networking, and print information through SyncThru Web Service. Your printer needs to be connected to a network. This button will be disabled if your printer is connected via USB cable.
Device List & Latest Scanned Image
The scan list displays devices that supports Samsung Printer Experience. Under the device list, the latest scanned images display. Your printer needs to be connected to a network to scan from here. This section is for users with multi-functional printers.

Adding/Deleting Printers

If you do not have any printers added to the Samsung Printer Experience, or if you want to add/delete a printer, use the following information.

Printing from Windows 8

This section explains common printing tasks from the Start screen.
The screenshot might differ depending on operating system, model or option.

Scanning from Windows 8

This section only applies to multi-functional printers.
Scanning with the printer turns pictures and text into digital files that can be stored on the computer.

Scanning from Samsung Printer Experience

The most frequently used printing menus are displayed for quick scanning.
  1. Place a single document face down on the document glass, or load the documents face up in the document feeder.
  2. Click the Samsung Printer Experience tile on the Start screen.
  3. Click Scan.
  4. Set up the scanning parameters such as image type, document size, and resolution.
  5. Click Prescan to check the image.
  6. Adjust the prescanned image with scanning operation functions such as rotate and mirror.
  7. Click Scan and save the image.
    • When you place the originals in the RADF, Prescan is not available.
    • Skip Step 5 if the Prescan option is selected.