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Customer Self Repair - Help for Customer Self Repair


Customer Self Repair (CSR) is a key component of HP's warranty terms. It allows HP to ship replacement parts directly to you once a failure has been confirmed. Parts are generally shipped overnight so you receive them as quickly as possible. You can then replace the parts at your convenience. Customers who purchase HP Care Pack Services can still take advantage of CSR for convenience and time savings. For more information see HP's Customer Self Repair website www.hp.com/go/selfrepair. Also, consult the warranty statement for your product at hp.com or in the hardcopy form provided during product purchase.
CSR warranty terms and conditions are included in the warranty statement for the product, which can be found in the box with the product.
CSR is available in most countries. Talk with your local support center to learn about any restrictions for your location.

Mandatory CSR

CSR is the required method of repair when:
  • A product is classified as "Mandatory CSR" and
  • CSR is offered within the country
For Mandatory CSR products, replacement parts are classified as follows:
  • CSR Mandatory Parts (warranty only). These parts require customer replacement. They typically have tool-less access, consist of a single assembly part, require minimal cabling, and have plug-and-play configuration.
  • CSR Optional Parts. You can optionally choose to replace these parts. They may require tools, the removal of other parts, more involved cabling, or potential configuration/setup following replacement.
  • Non-CSR. Non-CSR parts have no specific CSR classification and/or no instructions on customer replacement.

If you have an HP Care Pack or contract that provides onsite support

Some HP Care Pack Services providing extended warranty coverage include provisions for CSR. In addition, if you have purchased an HP Care Pack that provides onsite support, you can still take advantage of CSR and request that replacement parts be shipped directly to you. You can then replace the parts at a time that is convenient for you. For more information on warranty upgrades, see HP Care Pack Services.
Generally HP warranty statements include several options for delivery of support, including CSR.

If you do not want to replace a CSR part yourself

In countries where CSR is allowed and the product is covered by an HP factory warranty, you can purchase onsite replacement for the part. The cost will include only labor and travel because the parts are covered under the warranty.

How to determine if your product has CSR components

HP's product specifications (QuickSpecs) indicate if a product is enabled for CSR. Only parts designated as CSR Mandatory Parts are considered mandatory. For more information, see QuickSpecs.

Information available to help replace parts

Extensive part replacement information is available online. HP's Services Media Library has videos that provide step-by-step removal and replacement instructions for many common parts. The Media Library also contains a parts lookup tool. Many products provide written step-by-step removal and replacement instructions for parts. You can also call an HP support center for help.

If you damage a part while performing CSR

If you damage a part while replacing it, the situation is the same as if an HP Service Engineer damaged the part. The warranty will cover the second repair.






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