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HP Printers - Printer Setup Using Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy)

This document is for HP printers that support Bluetooth Smart and Android smartphones or tablets with Bluetooth v4.0 and later and the HP ePrint app installed.
Bluetooth Smart, also called Bluetooth Low Energy, is used to connect an Android phone or tablet to your printer through the HP ePrint app. Use the HP ePrint app to print photos, documents, webpages, and emails, or print from cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
Bluetooth Smart does not enable Bluetooth printing. Traditional Bluetooth pairing is a different feature. Bluetooth Smart helps the HP ePrint app locate and connect your printer. Print jobs are then completed over your Wi-Fi network or the Wi-Fi Direct connection.
For more information on Bluetooth printing options and a list of compatible printers, go to HP Printers - Bluetooth Printing Guide.

Step 1: Set up the printer

On the printer control panel, make sure the Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi Direct features are on.
  1. On the printer control panel, touch the Wi-Fi Direct icon .
  2. Touch the Settings icon , and then make sure the Wi-Fi Direct feature is on.
  3. Touch Connection Method, and then make sure Automatic is on.
    If you select Manual, a prompt displays on the printer control panel to confirm the printer connection. If you do not confirm the connection, you cannot print.
  4. Return to the home screen, and then touch the Settings or Setup icon .
  5. Find Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart, and then make sure the feature is on.

Step 2: Install the HP ePrint app

Install the HP ePrint app on your Android device.
  1. Download and install the HP ePrint app (in English) from the Google Play store.
  2. Open the app.
    A Welcome to HP ePrint screen displays.
  3. Tap Activate Now or Skip.
    Activation is not necessary to use Bluetooth Smart or the HP ePrint app.
    • If you tapped Activate Now, continue to the next step.
    • If you tapped Skip, you can still print from your Android device. Select your usage data collection option, tap Done, and then skip to the step to print from your Android device.
  4. Type your email address in the Activate using your email box, and then tap Activate.
    The HP ePrint service sends you an email containing an Activation Code.
  5. Check your email, and then note the Personal Identification Number (PIN) code in the email sent from the HP ePrint service.
    Image: Example of the PIN code
  6. Return to the HP ePrint app, type the code, and then tap Activate.
  7. Select your usage data preferences, and then tap Done.
    The required Bluetooth Smart printer suggestion feature is on by default.
    Bluetooth Smart printer suggestion enabled

Step 3: Print from your Android device

Use the HP ePrint app on your Android device to print a document or photo.
  1. Make sure your Android device is within 2 meters (6 feet) from the printer.
  2. From the HP ePrint app, select the photo or document you want to print, and then tap Preview.
    Example of the Preview screen
  3. The app searches for nearby printers.
    • If a Printer nearby screen displays, tap Yes to connect to the printer.
      If your Wi-Fi Direct connection is set to Manual, touch OK on the printer control panel to connect the printer.
      Tapping Yes
    • If a preview screen continues to search for the printer and does not display a Printer nearby screen, tap Searching, and then select your printer with DIRECT in the name. For example, DIRECT-C6-HP OfficeJet 250.
      Tapping Searching
    • If a preview screen displays on your printer, it is already connected. Continue to the next step.
      Tapping Searching
  4. Tap Edit, and then make any changes to the document or photo with the editing tools.
  5. Tap Done, and then tap Print.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Review the following list of frequently asked questions about setting up and using your mobile printer with Bluetooth Smart and the HP ePrint app.






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