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Document ID: c05163478

Version: 1

Advisory: HP Z440, Z640, Z840 Workstations - System Won't Post to BIOS And Or All System Fans Get Loud

Notice: The information in this document, including products and software versions, is current as of the release date.The document is subject to change without notice.

Release date : 06-Jun-2016

Last updated : 06-Jun-2016

During system power on or restart, system will not post to BIOS and/or system fans may ramp up to 100%
When powering on or restarting, after a BIOS update, the system will not post to BIOS and/or system fans speed up and get loud.

Information in this document applies to the following:
  • HP Z440 Workstation
  • HP Z640 Workstation
  • HP Z840 Workstation
Operating Systems:
  • Non-OS Specific
-The fix for this issue is BIOS revision 2.20. On any systems not in the failing state BIOS revision 2.20 should be used to update your system BIOS.
-If your system gets is in the failing state you can call support to walk you through the instructions below to attempt to recover the BIOS or personally perform the steps below:
Steps to attempt to recover BIOS:
1. Power off system and unplug power cable.
2. Remove side panel and locate "Boot Block Recovery Jumper" on side panel label.
3. The jumper will be on a 3 pin header where 2 of the 3 pins will be loaded by the jumper.
a. On the Z840 load the jumper on the 2 pins towards the front of the chassis.
b. On the Z440 and Z640 load the jumper on the 2 pins towards the rear of the chassis.
4. On a USB key (preferred format FAT32), with a built in LED to show activity, place the .bin file of BIOS version 2.20 or later install on the root directory.
5. Install the USB key onto the failing system, insert power and press power button.
6. When the system is powered on it should be followed by 8 beep audio code. Disregard this as this is normal behavior.
7. The USB key activity LED will begin to blink slowly then rapidly in most situations. This process will occur twice.
8. If BIOS Recovery is successful, the display will show a BIOS Recovery screen with the update in process. "Don't shut off power at this state."
9. When install is complete, the system will power off.
10. At this point unplug the power cable and USB key.
11. Return the Boot Block Recovery jumper to its original location. Replace side panel.
12. Insert power cable and press the power button. The system will come up with a black screen and shut off once, then power on by itself again and if successful the BIOS post will appear.
*If recovery steps unsuccessful replace system board.

Hardware platforms affected : HP Z440 Base Model Workstation, HP Z640 Workstation, HP Z840 Workstation

Operating systems affected : Not applicable

Software affected : Not applicable

Support Communication Cross Reference ID : IA05163478

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