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HP SmartStream for PageWide XL and Designjet 'Trial version'

To install HP SmartStream 60 days 'Trial version':

Trial license is associated to one or more printers connected to SmartStream. Trial can only be activated once by printer. It is a must to Print from SmartStream to a printer to have PostScript license. You will be able to install the 60 days trial version of SmartStream into a non-PostScript unit and that will enable the possibility to add this printer into the application and explore its features, however, when sending to print, jobs will be automatically cancelled as the printer does not have PostScript license.
  • Step 1: Install HP SmartStream software
  • Step 2: Configure a printer
  • Step 3: Activate the trial period
1- Install HP SmartStream software.
Dowload SmartStream software and execute the installation package in the computer you want to use SmartStream and follow the wizard instructions. This step have to be done in every computer where you want to use SmartStream.
2- Configure a printer.
After upgrading your printer to latest firmware version that you can download it here by selecting your printer model. To connect to SmartStream, your printer have to be installed a HP SmartStream trial firmware upgrade that you can download here.
3- Activate the trial period.
The first time you start up SmartStream the software will ask to participate in customer involvement program, after this the license activation screen will appear, you have to select trial in order to start the 60 days trial period, then you will be asked to enter your Pinter host name or IP address. After that you will have 60 days of full HP SmartStream license. To purchase a full version you have to contact your HP partner.

To install HP SmartStream for NON HP PRINTERS – 60 days ‘Trial Version’

A trial license for non-HP printers will allow users to print to some non-hp printers via their drivers for 60 days. Contrary to HP printer licenses, only one non-hp trial license is needed to print via any of the supported non-HP drivers:
Get your NON-HP printer trial License:
1. Download the non-HP ‘Trial License’:
  1. Access the following link:
  2. Click Select
  3. Sign in using your HP password account. Create a new one first if needed.
  4. On the bottom part of the Web page, in the License Terms section, check the box for the software license terms.
  5. Press Next
  6. You will be directed to the “Software and Licenses” page. In the bottom part, under Licensing, click Download Entitlement Certificate. it The PDF containing your EON (Entitlement Order Number) code to activate your non-hp trial license will be downloaded:
In parallel, you will receive an Electronic Delivery Receipt, which also includes your EON code (it will be displayed as “Confirmation Number” in the Transaction Information section).
2. Add your non-HP trial license to HP SmartStream
With the License Manager already configured in the HP SmartStream software, simply select Licensing > Add License > and introduce your EON code along with a confirmation e-mail address. The non-HP trial license will be added to the list of available licenses in your License Manager.
To install the License Manager, see steps 1 and 2 of the Full HP SmartStream Version installation process.