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HP Printers - Printing Documents (Windows)

This document is for HP printers and computers with Windows.
Print documents from a Windows computer and change any related print job settings.

Printing a document

Open the print window to change print job settings for best results.
  1. Before printing, edit the document to adjust text font and size, choose layout options, and to change any other appearance settings.
  2. In the app you created the document in, click File or the menu icon (WordPad), then click Print to open general print settings.
  3. To access more layout, quality, and advanced print settings, click Printer Properties, Properties, or Preferences.
    The Document Properties or Printing Preferences window opens.
    Figure : Example of a Document Properties window with settings tabs and the Advanced settings button
    HP Document Properties window with settings tabs and the Advanced settings button
  4. Change the following layout and paper settings for your print job. Menu names and available settings vary by printer.
    If the Document Properties window has a Printing Shortcut tab, select one of the document print job shortcuts that has essential settings already selected for you.
    Portrait or landscape orientation
    Select Portrait for vertical prints or Landscape for horizontal prints.
    Orientation menu on the Layout, Finishing, or Features tab
    Paper tray or source
    Select the tray you loaded the paper into, if your printer has more than one tray.
    Source or Paper source menu on the Paper/Quality or Features tab
    Paper type
    Set the paper type you are using, such as plain, brochure, or other specialty types, so the printer properly prints on the paper.
    Type, Paper Type, or Media menu on the Paper/Quality or Features tab
    Paper size
    Select the paper size you loaded in the printer, such as letter or legal paper.
    Size or Paper Size menu in Advanced Options or on the Features tab
    Some newer printers support more paper options. Go to Creating Custom Paper Sizes for more information.
    Print on both sides of the page (duplexing)
    Depending on the printer model, you can automatically print on both sides of the paper, or set up the print job to manually flip the pages.
    Print on Both Sides menu on the Layout, Finishing, or Features tab
    The Printing Shortcut tab might include shortcuts to print on both sides
    Go to Printing on Both Sides of the Paper (Windows) for detailed steps on how to load and flip the paper for your printer type.
  5. Change the following quality and color settings for best printing results. Menu names and available settings vary by printer.
    Quality: Measured in print resolution dots per inch (DPI). Higher DPI produces clearer and more detailed prints, but slows print speed and may use more ink. See printer specifications for print speeds (measured in pages-per-minute).
    • Draft: Lowest DPI typically used when ink cartridge levels are low or when high quality prints are not needed
    • Normal: Default quality setting suitable for most print jobs
    • Best: Better DPI than Normal
    • Max DPI: Highest DPI setting available
    Quality Settings or Media menu on the Paper/Quality tab
    Print in Max DPI or Output Quality menus are available in Advanced Options, depending on the printer
    Printing in color or black and white: The following settings might be available, depending on the printer model:
    • Color: Uses all cartridges to print documents with color text or images
    • Black & White, Black Ink Only, or Monochrome: Printer uses the black ink cartridge only; suitable for normal or lower quality black and white prints
    • Grayscale: Printer uses ink from all cartridges to produce a wider range of black and grey tones; suitable for high quality black and white prints
    There are several places to select color and black and white settings, depending on the printer model:
    Select Color or Black & White on the Paper/Quality tab
    On the Color tab, Features tab, or in Advanced Options, click the menu next to Print in Grayscale and select Off for color prints, High Quality Grayscale, or Black Ink Only
  6. Click OK, then click Print.

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