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HP JetAdvantage On Demand - Import multiple users into HP JetAdvantage On Demand using a .csv file

HP JetAdvantage On Demand administrators can add multiple users at the same time to their company's HP JetAdvantage On Demand account using a .csv (comma-separated value) file. A .csv file can contain a maximum of 500 users. However, if it is necessary to import more than 500 users, multiple .csv files can be uploaded to HP JetAdvantage On Demand, up to the maximum of 5000 total users per company.
The following video demonstrates how to add multiple users using a .csv file, and how to add one user at a time, to an HP JetAdvantage On Demand account.

Prepare the .csv file

A .csv file must be created to import multiple users into HP JetAdvantage On Demand.
  1. Open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  2. In each row of the spreadsheet, add one record for each user to be imported into HP JetAdvantage On Demand. Each user record must be in plain text, with no formatting such as underlining or colored text. A maximum of 500 users can be added to the .csv file. Each user record must also include the following fields, with each field listed in its own separate column, and in the specific order listed below:
    1. First Name (required)
    2. Last Name (required)
    3. Email (required)
    4. Role (required) - must be either "ROLE_USER" or "ROLE_COMPANY_ADMIN"
    5. Phone Number (optional) - must be 10 or 11 digits long (if 11 digits, the first number must be 1 or 0). Must only use numbers and the following characters: - . ( )
    6. Phone Extension (optional) - must be numeric and can be up to 7 digits long
    7. Locale (optional) - must be in the form 'la-CO', where 'la' indicates language and 'CO' indicates country. For example, 'en-US' describes an English speaker from the United States, and 'fr-CA' describes a French speaker from Canada. Must be a supported locale.
    Here is an example of a .csv file with four valid user records:
    Figure : Example .csv file in Excel
  3. Save the file as a .csv (Comma delimited) file rather than an .xls or .xlsx file.
  4. Click OK, and then click Yes to confirm saving the file in a .csv file format rather than in an Excel file format.

Check the .csv file

When the optional Phone and Phone Extension fields are not included in the Excel spreadsheet, the .csv file might not contain the proper formatting for a successful import. Check the .csv file to ensure that each user record contains the four required fields, and that any optional fields without data are represented by a comma.
  1. Open the Microsoft Notepad program on your computer: Click Start and then Notepad.
  2. Click File, then click Open. Browse to and select the .csv file.
    The .csv file with its rows of users displays in Notepad. Each field is separated with a comma, for a total of 6 commas. When an optional field is left blank, the .csv file displays no data between commas for that field.
    The .csv file in Notepad will look like the following example:
    Figure : Example .csv file in Notepad
  3. Click File, and then click Save. The .csv file is saved.

Upload the .csv file to HP JetAdvantage On Demand

Make sure that the .csv file with user records meets the formatting requirements. For more information about how to add user records to the .csv file correctly, see the Prepare the .csv file and Check the .csv file sections in this article.
  1. Log into the HP JetAdvantage On Demand web site with the company administrator username and password.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Manage Users. A list of all users displays.
  3. Click Add Users, and then click Import from CSV. An 'Import From CSV' page displays.
  4. Click Choose File, and find the .csv file.
  5. Select the .csv file, and then click Upload File. The .csv file uploads to HP JetAdvantage On Demand and a confirmation message displays. The new user records display in the list of current users.
  6. When adding more than 500 users to HP JetAdvantage On Demand, simply create a new .csv file, and then repeat the steps in this section. A maximum of 5000 users can be added per company, but each .csv file must contain 500 users or less in order for the .csv file to upload successfully.






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