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HP 1200w NFC/Wireless Mobile Print Accessory - About the HP 1200w NFC/Wireless Mobile Print Accessory

The HP 1200w NFC/Wireless Mobile Print Accessory improves workflow by integrating mobile devices into an efficient wireless printing environment.
To obtain the latest functionality and to ensure printer compatibility, HP recommends updating to the latest firmware. See: Update the HP 1200w Accessory firmware.
The HP 1200w Accessory adds NFC, HP wireless direct, and wireless network (Wi-Fi or WLAN) printing capability to many HP printers. HP wireless direct printing allows you to print from a wireless mobile device directly to an HP wireless direct-enabled printer without requiring a connection to a network or the Internet. For information about HP wireless direct, see: How to print using HP ePrint Software and the HP wireless direct feature.
Using HP NFC, print documents and images from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, just by touching it to the HP 1200w Accessory's NFC antenna.
In addition, you can use the HP 1200w Accessory in WLAN network printing mode by connecting it to an existing wireless network like other wireless devices such as computers. Each wireless device on the network communicates through a wireless router.
Use HP wireless direct and Wi-Fi printing to print from the following devices:
The following lists the features, and describes the LED status lights and multifunction button on the HP 1200w Accessory.

Feature summary

Supported mobile clients
Supported mobile clients
HP ePrint Software (Windows and Mac), Android Mopria, Apple AirPrintTM, HP Android built-in or “In-OS” Print System, iOS ePrint App, Android ePrint App
HP 1200w NFC/Wireless Mobile Print Accessory Embedded Web Server (EWS)
Access point IP Address:
HP 1200w Accessory EWS Home page:
Default format of the network name (SSID): HP-Print-XY-1200w Mobile Print (where XY represents the last 2 digits of the MAC address)
Assembly part number: E5K46A
External power supply: AC adapter 95S5CA00-01H
USB 2.0 high speed host port
USB 2.0 high speed device port
Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 1x1(2.4 GHZ band)
Maximum wireless direct clients attached: 5
Control panel
2 multicolor status LEDs
1 button (WPS/self test - device configuration/factory reset)
Supported output formats
PCL 5 raster
PCL 3GUI raster
PCL XL raster
PCLmS raster
ZJ stream
Supported input formats
CUPS raster
Universal raster format (URF)


The two LEDs indicate the overall device status:
  • LED 1 — The device status LED, which is furthest from the USB connector, indicates the state of the system and the data inputs (Wi-Fi and upstream USB).
  • LED 2 — The printer communication status LED, which is closest to the USB connector, indicates the state of the attached printer.
Device status LEDs
No power to the device.
Device is ready.
Green blinking
A pass-through USB print job is active.
Ready (wireless). The device is connected to an access point or a mobile device is connected to the HP wireless direct network.
Blue blinking
A Wi-Fi print job is active, either from the wireless network, or from a mobile device connected to the HP wireless direct network.
System error.
Red blinking
Connected to an under powered USB port.
Blue/green blinking
A WPS-enabled router is connecting.
Blue fast blink
The multifunction button was pressed and the device is attempting to connect to an access point using WPS.
Red/green alternating
The multifunction button was pressed for longer than 15 seconds, which restores the factory default settings.
Green/blue fast alternating
A firmware (code) download to the HP 1200w Accessory is in progress.
Green/blue slow alternating
A new firmware installation on the HP 1200w Accessory is in progress.
Printer communication status LEDs
No printer is attached, or the HP printer's USB port is disabled.
The HP printer's USB port must be enabled. See the printer's installation or configuration guide for information about enabling the USB port.
A supported HP printer is attached.
Green blinking
A USB print job is active.
Red slow blinking
An unsupported printer is attached.
Red/green alternating
The HP 1200w Accessory is verifying printer/MFP compatibility.
Multifunction button
Momentary button press
If there is no active print job, start the wireless protected setup (WPS) protocol. If a print job is active, the button press is ignored.
Press and hold button for two seconds
Print the Self Test/Configuration page to the connected printer when the button is released.
Press and hold button for 15 seconds
Reset the HP 1200w Accessory to its factory default settings.

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