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HP Designjet T920 and T1500 Printer Series - Check the printhead status

Check the printhead status

The printer automatically checks and services the printhead after each print. Follow the steps below to get more information on your printhead.
  1. From the front panel, press then .
  2. The front panel displays:
    • Colors
    • Product name
    • Product number
    • Serial number
    • Status, see Front-panel error messages
    • Volume of ink it has used
    • Warranty status
You can also get some of this information from the HP Utility.
For an explanation of the printhead status messages, see Printhead status messages.
If the warranty status is See warranty note, this indicates that expired ink is being used. If the warranty status is Out of warranty, this indicates that non-HP ink is being used. See the limited warranty document provided with your printer for details of the warranty implications.