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HP SlateBook PCs - Printing Wirelessly from Your HP Notebook (Android 4.2/Jelly Bean)

This document applies to HP notebook computers with Android 4.2/Jelly Bean operating system.
This document provides information about the different methods you can use to print from your HP notebook. Read the information below, and choose the best printing method (or methods) for your needs.

Setting up your printer to receive print jobs from the notebook

The printer setup process for printing from your notebook depends on what model printer you are using, and what method you are using to print. Refer to the support materials for your specific printer model for information about compatibility and wireless setup.

Printing with HP built-in print solution for Android

Your HP notebook comes with a built-in print solution for Android, allowing you to print directly from the Gallery app, Email app (not Gmail), or Browser app (not Chrome) on your notebook, without installing any additional software or drivers. Most HP wireless printers support the print solution; if your printer is not compatible, use one of the other methods to print (see Printing with HP ePrint, or Printing with Google Cloud Print).
Only the Gallery, Email, and Browser apps support the HP built-in print solution for Android. The Chrome browser and Gmail apps are not supported.
Use the steps in this section to send a print job from your notebook to a printer.

Viewing the print status and cancelling print jobs

When you begin a print job, a printer icon appears in the notification area in the top left corner of the notebook screen. To view more information about the print job and print status, or to cancel the print job, use the steps in this section.
  1. Swipe down (or click and drag down) from the top left corner of the screen. The notification curtain expands over the top of whatever screen you are currently viewing.
  2. Click or touch the Now printing... print job to view status details.
    Figure : Print status in the notification curtain
    Print status in the notification curtain
  3. If you want to cancel the print job, place a check mark next to the current print job in the Print Status menu.
    Figure : Running job in the Print Status menu
    Running job in the Print Status menu
  4. Click or touch Cancel selected jobs.
    Figure : Cancel selected jobs
    Cancel selected jobs
    The notebook stops sending the print job to the printer.

Printing with HP ePrint

With HP ePrint technology, you can print via email, or use the preinstalled HP ePrint app to send print jobs from your notebook to your printer. Visit the HP ePrintCenter (in English) for information and support. Refer to your printer's support documentation for instructions to connect the printer to the Internet.

Printing via email using HP ePrint

Using HP ePrint, you can send photos, Microsoft Office files, text files and PDFs as email attachments (with a 10MB total size limit) to your HP Web-connected printer. To use the email printing service, you need to set up a customer account at the HP ePrintCenter (in English), and attach your printer to the account. More details can be found on the HP ePrintCenter (in English) Web site.
Once your printer is set up to use HP ePrint, use the following steps to send a print job from the notebook to your printer:
  1. Open your email app, and open a new email message.
  2. Enter the printer's email address in the To field.
  3. Add the files you want to print as an email attachment.
  4. Send the email.
    The email attachments are received and printed by the printer.

Printing with the HP ePrint mobile printing app

The HP ePrint mobile printing app comes preinstalled on your notebook, and is also available to download from the Google Play Store (in English). For instructions on how to use the app, refer to Getting Started with HP ePrint Mobile App.

Printing with Google Cloud Print

If you do not have an HP ePrint-enabled printer, you can use Google Cloud Print to print from your notebook. With Google Cloud Print, you can print from any Android app that includes a print function. The printer can be wireless, or connected to a Web-connected PC with the Chrome browser installed.
The Google Cloud Print app does not come preinstalled on the notebook, but is available in the Google Play Store (in English). For more information, see the Google Cloud Print (in English) Web site.






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